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Cold Courage Season 1 Review and Plot Analysis

Released last year, Cold Courage is an international crime series. The show was released amid the lockdown restriction and has greatly been acknowledged by the audience. Cold Courage has been directed by Agneta Fragerstrom Olsson and has been adapted by Pekka Hitunen’s Cold Courage. The crime drama story is basically about two young Finnish women who are into a kind of self-proclaimed mission that is going to bring justice to those people who are left out by the system due to some reason or the other.

If you watch the trailer, the teaser of the show, you would get to know that the show has an ample amount of action scenes and why not? Because the story is too all about crime and drama, you can’t imagine it without the presence of action in the film. The show is starring Sofia Pekkaria and Pihla Vitala in the lead roles. Here, there is no worry or excitement about the release date of the show because the show had already been released last year, and you could now go on Viaplay to stream all the episodes of Cold Storage right from start to end. Currently, there had been only one season of the show released so far, and soon we may get the news of the next season coming up in some time.

Cold Courage Season 1- Review

Cold Courage Season 1- Review

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Cold Courage Season 1 – Review

Talking about the show, many people thought that the show was going at a very slow pace initially and due to which it went rushing towards the end episodes. In the initial few episodes, you would only see the character building of both the women, and later you would get the reason as to why they land into this dangerous crime mission upon which the entire plot of the film is based upon. The series involves a lot of things like smoking, dark interiors that sometimes make you frightened, and also the night scenes are also well shown in the show. So, apart from the first episodes which have only staring between various characters and coming in and going on in-car is just the first episode covers, if it may be that the first episode would have included something more than you would definitely have enjoyed the show and the following episodes for many of them they would have decided not to go for the next following episodes right from the very first episode.

But, if you love to watch action-packed crime shows, then you would love this show as well, with the second episode turning interesting with respect to the plot. Right from the second episode, you are exposed to the dozens of other actors of the plot, and then it turns interesting as we come to know about many of the characters as what they are putting up on the screen.

Cold Courage- Cast & Plot Details

The cast of the Cold Courage Season 1 includes Sofia Pekkari as Lia, Pihla Vitala as Mari, John Simm as Arthur Fried, Peter Coonan as Paddy, Caroline Goodall as Maggie, Matteo Simoni as Rico, Arsher Ali as DCI Peter Chandra, and Jakob Eklund as Berg. With these, there are some recurring cast members as well in the series- Saar De Groof as Yalda, Antti Reini as Vanags, Ian Gerard Whyte as Sean Duffy, Elmer Back as Matti, Keith McErlean as DS Jason Briggs, Venetia Bowe as Katya, Paaru Oja as David Vervloet, Toni O’ Rourke as Nina and David Fawaz as Mohammad Latif, there are a lot more of the actress as the recurring actors in this show.

As said, the story revolves around two Finnish women named Mari and Lia, both of them are in London. They are onto a mission in which they are persuading a group who are trying to bring justice to those beyond laws, it happens many times in a country whereby various other means a rich would be left from the court without leaving any charges on him while a poor is accused of serious sections of the laws just due to the fact that he/she can’t afford to mend those changes.

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