Cold Case Movie: Everything You Need To Know

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Cold Case
Cold Case Poster.

Cold Case is a Malayalam investigative cold-thriller film written by Shreenath V. Nath and directed by Tanu Balak. The film was initially set for a theatrical release but had to resort to an OTT release. This was because the producer of the film, Anto Joseph, was facing some financial issues. And thus, this film has made its home release on 30th June 2021. We have everything you need to know about Cold Case for people who are unaware of the film. In this article, we will discuss the Cold Case’s plot and discuss how you may be able to watch the movie.

Prithviraj Sukumaran and Aditi Balan lead the cast of Cold Case as ACP M. Sathyajith IPS and freelance journalist Medha Padmaja. Joining them is Anil Nedumangad as CI Siyad. Medha’s friend and Advocate, Haritha Moncy Manakkal, is played by Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli. Through Medha’s plot, we meet a blind occult researcher named Zara Zacchai. Suchitra Pillai plays her role. Then we have Alencier Ley Lopez play the role of Chandrabhanu. Nitha Promy and Gibin Gopinath play the roles of DCP Dr. Malini Aravind IPS and SI Ajithkumar. Lastly, we have Athmiya Rajan playing another prominent role in the film as Eva Maria.

What Is the Plot Of Cold Case?

Cold Case is a Malayalam crime-thriller film featuring Prithviraj Sukumaran in the role of ACP M. Sathyajith IPS. The film encaptures a cold-blooded homicide case that happens in the capital city of the state of Kerala, Trivandrum. A mutilated human skull is found in a garbage bag in the backwaters of a lake, So, ACP Sathyajith is assigned to investigate this case. Learning everything he possibly can, Sathyajith has realized that this was no murder but an actual homicide.

Elsewhere, we have Aditi Balan playing a freelance journalist and single mother, Medha Padmaja. She moves into a new house in Trivandrum with her daughter, Chinnotty. But, it seems like her little family is not welcome into this new residence as she experiences some paranormal activities. So, being a journalist, Medha wants to find the root cause for the said events. Sathyajith and Medha conduct their own investigation of their respective cases. But as the plot movies forward, we can see how the two events are connected to one another as they head towards a common point.

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Cold Case
Prithviraj Sukumaran as ACP M. Sathyajith IPS.

There are certainly quite some supernatural events taking place in this film. This is prominently evident from the occult woman who keeps creates an eerie atmosphere through her repeated chanting. There are also several glimpses of people behaving as if they have been possessed. And like many other horror films worldwide, this too has a scene involving a little girl and doll.

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Where To Watch Cold Case?

Cold Case is exclusively available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. The film was initially meant to have a theatrical release. But this plan was foiled due to the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic. And according to the film’s director, Tanu Balak, the experience between the theatrical and home release could have some significant differences. A theatrical release may enhance the overall quality of the viewing experience with appropriate surround sound. Nevertheless, seeing the situation, a home release was a much better option. An OTT release of the film helps to reach a wider reach of audience. And considering that “Cold Case” is a story not engulfed by regional norms, people from different backgrounds could watch without an issue. This could only be possible through an OTT Platform. In this case, it happens to be Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video has been trying to expand its exclusive content library for some time now. Seeing that the COVID-19 Pandemic has led to the shutdowns of theatres, an opportunity has opened up for OTT Platforms. Films that are unable to have a theatrical release are resorting to selling the rights to stream their movies to OTT Platforms. A few of the international films include Tomorrow War (2nd July 2021). Cinderella (3rd September 2021), and My Name Is Pauli Murray (17th September 2021).

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