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Coed School K-Pop Group: Member Profiles

Coed School K-Pop Group
Coed School K-Pop Group Member Profiles

The Coed School K-Pop Group was formed in 2010 by Core Contents Media in South Korea. This group was a rare exception to the usual trends of band formation within the K-Pop industry. That’s because Coed School, just like the name suggests, is a group with both male and female idols. The four female members of the group were Sumi, Hyoyoung, Hyewon, and Chanmi. Along with them, the four male members were Taewoon, Sungmin, Jungwoo, Kwanghaeng, Kangho, and Noori. Though the group is no longer active, several members are very successful soloists in their respective fields. Coed School K-Pop group – all its 10 members, eventually gave in to the norms of the industry and formed two sub-groups. The all-female group, F-ve Dolls, debuted in 2011, and the all-male group, Speed, debuted in 2012.

Coed School K-Pop Group made its debut with the single ‘Too Late’. Within three weeks, Coed School released another single from their debut album – Bbribbom Bberibbom. Their debut mini-album was called ‘Something that is Cheerful and Fresh’. This album sold approximately 47,000 copies. By 2014, Coed School was only promoting the two sub-groups. There were no plans of making a comeback as one group with all 10 members. Eventually, the contracts of all 10 members ended with the agency, and they departed to pursue solo careers. Not much is known about all the members of the Coed School K-Pop Group. But we have tried to organize as much information as we could to give you. Here’s everything you need to know about the Coed School K-Pop Group Members.

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1. Soomi

Lee Soomi is professionally known as Lee Seoan. She is managed by FN Entertainment currently. Sumi was born in South Korea’s Gyeonggi-do province on March 3, 1989. She has a degree in Aeronautical Sciences and Flight Operations. Sumi initially debuted as a member of the SeeYa trio. She later joined Coed School and was also, by default, a member of F-ve Dolls. By 2016, Soomi shifted to acting full-time. Her first drama was the Chinese drama Teacher Good Night. Since then, we have mostly seen her in several supporting roles in various dramas. We last saw her in a cameo in 2020’s JTBC drama Mystic Pop-up Bar. 

Coed School K-Pop Group Sumi


2. Taewoon

Taewoon was born Woo Ji Seok. At present, his stage name is Wuno. He is soloist Zico’s older brother. Taewoon was born in Seoul, South Korea, but he lived and studied in Japan for about three years. He graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University. Wuno was initially a trainee for Block B, but he ended up leaving before his debut. At present, Wuno is a soloist and a member of a rap group called ‘Royal Class’.

Coed School K-Pop Group Taewoon


3. Sungmin

Sungmin was born Choi Sung Min on December 7, 1995. Currently, he is a singer and actor. After debuting with Coed School and working as a member of its sub-group, Speed, for a while, upon disbandment, Sungmin transitioned to a full-fledged career in acting. He is currently signed with Star Camp 202. Sungmin was born in the Gangwon-do province of South Korea and has a younger sister – Choi Yena, who also happens to be a K-Pop idol.

Coed School K-Pop Group Sungmin


4. Jungwoo

Jungwoo was born Kim Jungwoo on May 9, 1990, in Daegu, South Korea. Upon the disbandment of Coed School K-Pop Group and its sub-unit, Speed, Jungwoo decided to change agencies. He signed with Maroo Entertainment. Not much is known about Jungwoo except the fact that he is a vocalist.

Coed School K-Pop Jungwoo


5. Hyoyoung

Hyoyoung was born Ryu Hyoyoung in South Korea’s Gwangju. She was born on April 22, 1993. Hyoyoung has an identical twin sister – Ryu Hya Young. Hwayoung happens to be a former member of the girl group T-ara. Hyoyoung is a full-fledged actress today. She made her debut as a leading actress in the TV series Golden Punch. She was also the lead actress in one of the most popular historical k-dramas of all-time – Grand Prince.

Coed School Hyoyoung


6. Chanmi

Chanmi was born Huh Chanmi in Namyangju, South Korea on April 6, 1992. She started training with S.M. Entertainment in 2004. In fact, Chanmi was initially supposed to be the 10th member of the popular girl group – Girls’ Generation. However, after she did not make the cut, Chanmi left SM. She later joined Core Contents Media and debuted as a member of the Coed School K-Pop group. In 2020, Chanmi signed with FirstOne Entertainment and kickstarted her solo career. She released her first solo album Highlight in July 2020. The lead single from this album was called ‘Lights’.



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