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COD WWII’s Newest Trailer Has A Scene And Everyone Missed It

Cod ww2 new trailer holocust

The new trailer of COD World War 2 has been released and it shows the game’s great graphics and more. With scenes full of gunfire and explosions, you will get enough of the action that you crave for. The trailer seems like your typical World War II game. But in the middle of the trailer, it deals with a topic that most of the WWII games try to avoid: the Holocaust.

Even though the game will surely be flooded with multiplayer enthusiasts, there will still be a campaign that will be available. The campaign surprisingly gives focus to a grave subject: the Holocaust. There is still no clue about how the game will handle this topic, but the trailer offered a sneak peek to the scenes involving this topic.

On the trailer, there is a scene where a soldier asks ” Wer sind die Juden?” which translates to “Who of you are Jews?”.

Soldiers who are Jews dropped their name tags secretly to avoid revealing their true identity. But the officer in charge has a keen eye and find out that the soldier is a jew anyway. He beat the jew and thrown him into a railcar.

cod ww2 zombies

The game’s story is purely fictional, but it happened in real life. Captured  American soldiers are either forced to work to death or lucky to escape. This is a grave topic and it is nearly impossible to guess how the game will treat this subject. It could just be a train rescue mission and the game will not touch the inside camps. Or this campaign might feature a gameplay where vile acts against humans were conducted.

Nobody really knows, and that’s what makes this game interesting. It may live up to the hype or not, but it is worth a try. There will be a Beta available for the public that will start on September 29 and will end on October 2. If your system met the hardware requirements, you can try and experience the game firsthand.

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