‘Cobweb’ Star-Studded Cast: Im Soo Jung, Jeon Yeo Bin To Join Song Kang Ho

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Casting Confirmed for 'Cobweb'

Two new members have been added to the cast of the movie ‘Cobweb,’ and they are none other than actresses Im Soo Jung and Jeon Yeo Bin. Actress Im Soo Jung has already worked with Kim Jee Woon, the director of Cobweb, in the 2003 film ‘The Tale of Two Sisters’, whereas it is Jeon Yeo Bin’s first time collaborating with him. It has been previously announced that Song Kang Ho and Oh Jung Se will be appearing in the leading male roles of the film. Idol-turned-actor Krystal of the girl-group f(x) has also been confirmed as playing a prominent role in the movie. The character sketches of their roles have also been revealed.

Cobweb will be the first film from the newly established Korean production house Anthology Studios, which has recently been acquired by JTBC Studios. It must be noted that Anthology Studios was co-founded by director Kim Jee Woon, Song Kang Ho, and Jay Choi. The screenwriter of Cobweb is Shin Yeon Sik, who is known as the screenwriter for the 2016 Korean drama ‘Dong Ju: Portrait of a Poet’.

The Plot of the Film ‘Cobweb’

The basic plot of the film as revealed so far is as follows: Set in the 1970s, it is about a movie director (Director Kim) who is obsessed with re-filming the ending of his film named “Cobweb”. The director struggles with the film censorship rules of his time and also has to deal with how neither the film’s uncooperative actors nor the production crew has any understanding of the film’s new ending or the reasons for his compulsion. The movie is going to depict the struggles of filming under unfavorable circumstances in a comedic way. The director, Kim Jee Woon, has stated that is the film is going to have an “experimental” tone to it and will revolve around the concept of “film-within-a-film”.

Song Kang Ho with Director Kim Jee Won

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Character Sketches of ‘Cobweb’

Director Kim, played by Song Kang Ho – The obsessive film director Kim will be played by Song Kang Ho, who is best known for his roles in the films Parasite (2019) and Memories of Murder (2003). Song Kang Ho has previously collaborated with director Kim Jee Won in four other films, including the 2008 Korean Western ‘The Good, the Bad, the Weird’ and the 2016 period thriller ‘The Age of Shadows’.

Lee Min Ja, played by Im Soo Jung – Lee Min Ja is a veteran actress who is married to Kang Ho Se. Actress Im Soo Jung has been recently seen in the 2021 tVN drama series ‘Melancholia’. She is also set to appear in an upcoming film ‘Single in Seoul’ alongside Lee Dong Wook.

Kang Ho Se, played by Oh Jung Se – Kang Ho Se is a popular actor who will play the lead male role in the film by director Kim inside the movie; he is married to Lee Min Ja, and is a playboy who regularly cheats on his wife. Oh Jung Se is currently in the golden days of his career, following his roles in series like ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’ (2020), and Uncle (2021-22).

Shin Mi Do, played Jeon Yeo Bin – Shin Mi Do is the person in charge of production and finance management of Director Kim’s film. Opposing her aunt, she is sure of the genius of Director Kim and is said to create a funny synergy with the director to show the funny moments in their struggle with the filming. Jeon Yeo Bin is currently basking in the popularity she has gotten due to her role in the series tVN ‘Vincenzo’ (2021). She will appear in the new Netflix drama ‘Glitch’.

Han Yoo Rim, played by f(x) Jung Krystal – Han Yoo Rim is described to be a rookie actress holding the “key” to the film by Director Kim. Idol-turned-actor Jung Soo Jung, aka Krystal, has proven her acting merits with the versatile characters she has been playing in television series like KBS2 Police University (2021), tvn Prison Playbook (2017), and in the Netflix movie ‘Sweet & Sour’ (2021).

About Director Kim Jee Won

Kim Jee Won is a Korean movie director as well as a visual stylist renowned amongst the watchers of World cinema, especially for his films ‘I Saw The Devil’ (2010) and ‘The Tale of Two Sisters’ (2003). His most recent venture is Apple TV+ first Korean series, ‘Dr. Brain’.

Director Kim Jee Woon

When will ‘Cobweb’ be Released?

The release date of the star-studded film is yet to be disclosed. It is, however, confirmed that filming for the movie will start on March 2022. Meanwhile, you can watch Dr. Brain on Apple+ TV.

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