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CL’s Heartfelt Note on 2NE1 Reunion at Coachella

2NE1 Reunion
2NE1 reunites at Coachella cr: @chaelincl/instagram

This weekend at Coachella saw some of the greatest performances of all times. For those who are unaware, Coachella is an annual music festival. The festival brings together artists from all over the world. Coachella began on 15th April and will end on 22nd April. The festival saw many K-Pop performances this year. One performance that is noteworthy was 2NE1’s reunion. BIGBANG’s T.O.P took to social media to cheer their ex-labelmates. CL posted an earnest note about the reunion of 2NE1.

2NE1 was a girl group consisting of 4 members, CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy. 2NE1 had disbanded in 2016, but their fans always hoped for a comeback. Now such events are rare to happen, but 2NE1’s reunion did happen. After CL finished her solo set, the rest of the members joined her on the stage and performed their song “I am the best”. Fans were overjoyed over this surprise reunion and cheered the girls up. They put on an amazing show and yet again proved why they were one of the best girl groups.

Who are 2NE1?

2NE1 was a girl group under YG Entertainment. They are known to have broken and created new norms for Korean girl groups. 2NE1 belonged to the same label as the legendary BIGBANG. Hence they were conferred with the title of female BIGBANG. The group also has the honor of winning the grand prize for their debut stage. Most groups can’t win the grand prize even in their 5-6 year long-spanning career.

2NE1 was successful in terms of both physical and digital sales. The group was able to debut on the prestigious Billboard Top 200 chart too. The brand endorsements they did were absolutely iconic too. From Samsung to Yamaha, they not just endorsed their products but also made original tracks for them. Furthermore, the group had expanded their music from Korea to Japan to the USA even, recording a music album with the lead singer of Black Eyed Peas.

The skyrocketing popularity made 2NE1 harbingers of the Hallyu or Korean wave. They achieved success as no other girl group did. The discography of the group is so varied and rich, I don’t think anyone can compete with that. Their style and fashion were also the most talked about topics in their days.

2NE1's reunion


After their disbandment, CL has managed to make a successful career as a soloist. Dara focussed on her acting career. Their last performance as a group was in 2015 MAMA. This went on to become the most viewed girl group performance at an award show. It was so iconic that it got featured as the best performance in 2015 with names like Beyonce and Madonna. The group officially disbanded in 2016, ending their very successful 8 years of a music career.

But in Coachella 2022, the group reunited as the four members came up on stage to perform their hit song “I Am The Best”. The fans went into a frenzy as they learned about this performance. The fancams started to pour on Twitter and netizens and tabloids wrote nice words about the group.

CL’s note on 2NE1’s reunion

The singer took to Instagram to pen a heartfelt note about the reunion of 2NE1 at Coachella. She posted a few pictures from the event and wrote a long caption in both English and Korean.

Her caption began with, “I am grateful and blessed to be alive with pleasure. Long enough to witness the marks I make and things I create blossom.” Her caption goes on to explain why she invited the group members. She wanted them all to come together before they start losing their energy and strengths. It was a way to give back and thank all those who had supported the girls’ careers. She wrote, “Through this moment today, I hope those emotions you felt through us in the past are revived again.” She proceeded to thank her members and ended the note with the assurance of even better performances from her side.

The fans understood her sentiment and poured a lot of lovely comments for the artists. When the girls got together to perform once more, fans knew the importance of that moment, and CL just reiterated all those feelings in her post.

CL 2NE1 reunion

2NE1 at Coachella 2022 cr: @chaelincl/instagram

The iconic performance might have ended for now, but it has instilled a new hope within the 2NE1’s fans about a possible comeback of the girls again. That seems highly unlikely, but if they do, we would be cheering on them like the old times.

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