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Cloverfield Ending Explained: What Happens To Rob & Beth In The End?

Close-up with the clover!!

Today, we will get the Cloverfield Ending Explained! If you are curious to know what happened at the ending of the 2008 Monster film, then you are at the right place. Cloverfield is a 2008 American monster film directed by Matt Reeves. It is a near iteration of the upheaval and shock of the traumatic events of the incendiary hijackers at WTC. What makes this film, produced by J.J.Abrams special, is its presentation. Cloverfield’s filming style is very similar to the Blair Witch Project. There have been many monster films made in the past, but this one is different. The whole film is recorded on videotape, showed like a recording of your life’s final moments! The writer of the film, Drew Goddard, has produced a masterpiece in Cloverfield. The franchise has been such a hit that there have been two more sequels to it!! 

Cloverfield grossed $170 Million worldwide. The movie starts with three things – A group of best friends, a farewell party, and a camcorder! Hud (T.J.Miller) has the task of recording the whole farewell party. Rob (Michael David) and Beth (Odette Yustman) live in a complicated relationship, unable to confess their love. A few moments later, an earthquake trembles the entire city. What happens after that changes their lives forever. Cloverfield is the incredible power show of a belligerent beast who is out of trepidation. The monster “Clover” destroys everything. From the Statue of Liberty to several buildings to a whole city. The cinematography and CGI effects of Cloverfield will creep you out! In Cloverfield, you will not be able to see everything properly. It’s just that a person happened to tape the whole thing before he would die! To continue with the plot and the ending, Cloverfield Ending Explained!

Cloverfield Ending Explained

The first blast

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Cloverfield Plot

Robert’s Heroics or Stupidity?

The image above is the first radiational blast, hinting about the Cloverfield, after which things go haywire! While some people were running for their lives, some had already lost theirs. Buildings were falling. Everything was getting chaotic! Many of the party-goers from the farewell party had already lost their lives, including Jason.

While Rob, Hud, and co evacuate the city, they listen to a phone message from Beth. She informs them that she is trapped in her apartment and is unable to escape. Rob vows to save Beth no matter what. Leaving a trail of destruction, Robert finds his lady love ‘shut in’ inside the building. Without any chance to break free, they make out a darnedest effort to save Beth. Pretty heroic from Robert!!

The Cloverfield Ending Explained

Starting with Marlena, her fate got recorded from the start. One of the parasites bit her, and later on, we get to see a heavy amount of blood on the wall. You may think it is a headshot, but she exploded due to the Clover’s bite.

Many viewers asked the question that did Lily survive? When the gang’s four members arrive at the helicopter spot, Lily is the first one to take off! We see that Lily safely flies away. But later on, when Rob, Beth, and Hud move on, we see an explosive crash in the background. Possibilities are high that it was Lily’s chopper. So I guess, yes, Lily also dies!  

Does the Clover die? Yes, it does! When Rob and Beth confess their love to each other in the recorder, we hear the sirens going off. The Clover dies in the Cloverfield 2008. J.J Abrams gave a confirmation(what else you need!!)

Do Rob and Beth Survive?? That happened to be the last scene because the camera fell off!! In the credits, they shout “Help Us” in a tragic way! But chances are high for them to have survived the encounter! Yes, Rob and Beth Survive!

Robert on the Camcorder

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Plotline Summary and Review:

Cloverfield is also a presentation of friendship, love, bravery, capturing our guts. A horror flick with defiance, “See if you dare”!! A battle between the monster and human supremacy ensues. The threat to the survival of humans means the gigantic beast, Clover, must be annihilated and destroyed. J.J Abrams’ Cloverfield is a masterpiece that will keep you at the edge of the seat.

An hour and a half of violence and playing with the audience’s fear is what makes Cloverfield different from others. A must-see horror classic that you have to check on. With a consummate and masterly direction by Matt Reeves, we have picturesque areas covered.

The spook factor is clearly off the charts with great performances by the cast. Right from the sightings of the Clove to its destruction, the movie is too unsettling to see. So expect a tightened chest muscle and also jews, as this feeds on your darkest fears. SOMETHING HAS FOUND US!!

That’s all for the getting the ending explained for Cloverfield.

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