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City Of Dreams Season 2 Ending Explained: Rivals In Family

city of dreams season 2 ending

As Star Network moves to OTT streaming services, the Indian content is getting better by the day. The TV shows are moving ahead from the same old family dramas to more politically inclined and research-based content. The latest releases of Disney Hotstar+ in India have increased with shows The Empire, Ok Computer, Criminal Justice, etc. One such show is “City Of Dreams”. The show manages to take the middle ground of being cable specific and OTT specific show. It focuses on both family drama and career-oriented characters, especially in politics. The ending of season 2, “City of Dreams,” the show brought many people to believe that there is still hope left in Indian TV content.

Season 1 of “City of Dreams” premiered in 2019. Directed by the indie film director, Nagesh Kukunoor, the show follows an assassination attempt on a political idol. As it goes on, many people get sucked into the web as the ethical line between moral and immoral becomes blurry. The show stars many faces, old and new. Season 2 of “City of Dreams” premiered in July 2021, with a count of 10 episodes. Talking about the show, many critics said that the show could’ve been improved.

A still from the show.

The Cast and The Characters

Having a huge cast list, the show primarily focuses on a few characters. The members of the Gaikwad family being the main characters, along with a few others. Atul Kulkarni, a famous name in the film industry as an actor and a writer, takes up the lead role in the show. He plays Ameya Rao Gaikwad, the head of the Gaikwad family and a polarising Mumbai politician. A popular name in the TV industry, Eijaz Khan, plays the role of a tough cop named Wasim Khan. Priya Bapat, a big name in the Hindi and Marathi film industries, plays Poornima Amre. Entering the new season, she is a politician whose only aim is to become the Chief Minister of Mumbai. Other actors include Sachin Pilgaonkar, Siddharth Chandekar, and Adinath Kothare.

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What Happened Till Now?

Going back to 2019 and taking a look at season 1, when it all began. The show took us into the legacy politics in the city of Mumbai. The chair at the top is the only aim, and there is no mercy and no opportunity to make mistakes. There is an assassination attempt on Ameya Rao Gaikwad as he is trying to survive the clash between his children gets serious. His son is a spoiled brat, and his daughter being a deserving candidate for his position, gets in a fight. As his son thinks he will be the next to take the throne, being the next man of the house, the rivalry increases. Sick of his behavior and tired of proving her worth, she kills her brother and goes on to expel her father from his position on the ground of him being paralyzed.

city of dreams season 2 ending

A still from the show.

In the new season, we see Poornima taking up the CM’s chair. Along with that, she becomes the leader of MJS with the support of Gurav and Wasim. But Amey is waking up and slowly getting better. During her time CM Poornima does everything she can to prove her worth and maintain her power in the state. Moving towards the ending of season 2 of the City of Dreams, she even takes Anna down. Way Poornima goes on to deal with Ramnik Bhai when he threatens to reveal her sexual identity if she doesn’t help her. She even talks to her husband and clears the misunderstandings that needed to be clear.

The Ending Of The “City of Dreams” Season 2: Explained!!!

As he gets to know his son is dead, Ameya Gaikwad wanted nothing but revenge, even if it was his own daughter. Being kicked out of the party and the majority of his money and power gone, there’s nothing much that he can do. He asks Ramnik Bhai for some money so he can take his daughter and the current CM down, but Ramnik denies looking at the danger he’ll be inviting. Not giving up, he goes to Anna, who later on agrees to fund him and give him the money he needs.

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He starts by siding with his son-in-law. By revealing in media that Poornima is married to Aravle, he goes on to get him on his side. That also marked Poornima’s son Amit’s side with Ameya, aka his grandfather. Knowing the fact that Amit is the only weakness of Poornima, Ameya looks at it in a positive light and showers him with love.

city of dreams season 2 ending

A still from the show.

The Comeback of Ameya Gaikwad

In the ending episode of the “City of Dreams,” Poornima is supposed to integrate the new Metro Project for the city. That is when Ameya decides that he will make a comeback—degrading and destroying his daughter for killing his son and taking his position. He has been preparing for the moment for a long time. He had been doing exercise and taking proper therapy in order to overcome his paralysis. To start phase 2 of his plan, he records himself condemning the riot that has taken place and is going to take extreme action against it. The same riot that he has planted to take Poornima down. And it wasn’t the first time that he has planned the riot. In his previously planned riot, 100s of people have died.

In the middle of his plan, he gets to know that a journalist named Shireen Ali is trying to look into the matter of the assassination. Shireen is trying to find out the person behind the attack on him and reveal it to the press. But Ameya sees no benefit in it, so he gets her killed, making the case drop cold. Moving on to his next step, he plans a riot to make Poornima stress as people and media start blaming her for the miss management. As the ending of season 2 of the “City of Dreams” approaches, he plans to activate phase two of his plan. He is thinking of taking his daughter completely down.

city of dreams season 2 ending

A still from the show.

Taking Anna Down

Anna sets a trap to get the information about his money out by sending a woman to seduce one of the men from Poornima. Going after Purshottam, the mystery woman is able to seduce him but unable to get the information out of him. As Anna gets to know, sending his man, he gets the woman killed and holds Purshottam hostage. He reaches Mumbai so he can confront Poornima himself about the money that her father has been stealing from him. As she tells him the location, she asks him to never come back to the city. Agreeing with her, he goes on and kills Purshottam and says that he punishes those who steal from him. As Anna goes on to kill one of her men, with the help of her right hand, she burns all of Anna’s money and bringing him down to his knees.

The D Day

As people start gathering for the event, it is time for Poornima to inaugurate the Metro project in the city. As the crowd gets bigger, Ameya gives the sign to start the riot. And in a moment, it begins from the middle of the people, causing everything to get into chaos. As Poornima begs people to stay at their place and keep calm, it just gets more chaotic. In a moment, everything goes quiet than to a sudden explosion. A bomb blast!. Later revealed that a kid whose father had died due to the plan riots of the Gaikwad family to take each other own was behind it. To take revenge for his father, he decided to repeat the scenario that took his father away. The blast ended up killing Poornima’s son Amit.

Poornima did keep her position as the Chief Minister, and even her father couldn’t take her down. But in order to keep her power, she lost the only family she had. Being the main power holder, she has done everything she could to pass her father’s dirty legacy and went on to build her own.

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