Christopher Nolan Reveals Cillian Murphy Auditioned For Batman

Christopher Nolan is one of the most well-known directors and writers of Hollywood. He’s produced some awesome work like Inception, Batman Trilogy, etc. He himself was a part of back to back screenings of all of his three Batman movies and also there was the much-anticipated question and answer session as well. This all happened on Saturday on the auspicious occasion of the birthday of the Batman himself.

These screenings were held at Universal Cinema AMC at CityWalk in Hollywood. The crowd went berserk after watching Christopher Nolan and were dying to ask him questions. There were some interesting details revealed by Christopher Nolan during this event. He revealed that Christian Bale was his first choice for the role of Batman but Cillian Murphy also auditioned for the role as well.

Nolan said that Murphy’s audition went superbly well and he just had to cast him in the movie in one role or the other. Since Bale was already Batman, Cillian Murphy was chosen to play Scarecrow a role for which he gathered a lot of praise ultimately. Another detail revealed by Christopher Nolan during the event was he had never watched three back to back movies before and this was his first time doing so.

He added that he had watched the first two movies of the trilogy back to back before making the third one. Also, he revealed that the scene in which Harvey Dent which was played by Aaron Eckhart turns himself in as Batman and then the real Batman bursts onto the scene crashing into the garbage truck driven by Joker.

Christopher Nolan Batman

He revealed that its a miniature which shocked the whole audience. It seemed like the magician had revealed an interesting magic trick to his audience.

Christopher Nolan added that he did think that no one else noticed that it was a miniature. He was also asked whether he will be making another movie on this immortal character, to which he replied that he is not done with Batman but Batman is done with him. Zack Snyder took over from him when he made Batman vs Superman and in the near future his place will be taken by Matt Reeves.

Christopher Nolan talking about Batman added that his character is immortal, it will never die or fade away and it will never wither. He said that he is excited to see how the future generations after him will interpret this immortal character.

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