Chris Crocker Net Worth: How Rich Is The Internet Celebrity?

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In this article, we will learn about the Net Worth of the famous internet celebrity Chris Crocker. You surely know about Britney Spears and if you have seen the video “Leave Britney Alone,” then you are reading just the perfect article, my friends!. Chris Crocker rose to the limelight after he started making videos on different topics and trends on YouTube. But his real breakthrough came after he defended Britney Spears in his video “Leave Britney Alone,” which got a massive attraction from people around the world. It accumulated 4 million views in just two days. He had initially made the video to genuinely defend Britney Spears in her MTV music awards performance. But he would have never imagined that this video would become the turning point of his career.

Сhrіѕtорhеr Dаrrеn Сunnіnghаm, also known by the name of Chris Crocker is a song-writer, blogger, actor, and a former YouTuber. He was born in the 1980s, where he was mainly taught to fight for his dreams. Chris took it seriously as he never thought once what people would think about him. His close ones kept on giving him several opinions and advice about life, but his objectives were straight and clear. People often used to pass negative comments based on his gender differences as he was gay. But he was raised under the phrase “follow your dreams” and was often told by grandparents that he was special. This helped him combat society and its negative mindset. As we move ahead, we are going to first talk about Chris Crocker’s Net Worth. Then we will dive into early life and career. So let’s start!

Chris Crocker's Net Worth
Christopher Cunningham aka Chris Crocker

Chris Crocker’s Net Worth:

Chris Crocker is estimated to have a net worth around $1 Million. His main income has mostly been generated while he was working on YouTube. The Britney video was such a hit that it made him a globally recognized celebrity. After that YouTube post, Chris became an instant viral celebrity. “Leave Britney Alone” is one of YouTube’s most inspiring videos, having over 5 lakh comments. He had posted it because Britney Spears was severely humiliated in her performance in MTV Music awards. Christopher became an overnight internet sensation with his plea to stop harassing Britney Spears. But before the Britney spell, he had already achieved a great number of subscribers in his YouTube channel.

He used to work as an editor for e-zine before he started uploading vlogs and trending videos on YouTube. His channel was already highly subscribed to even before the Britney video, as people were hugely inspired by his work ethic and ideas. Crocker’s video “Leave Britney Alone!” was put forward for the YouTube awards. This video had him give interviews on many Television shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Maury,  The Today Show, The View, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and many more. He has made a million dollars through his music, vlogging, and acting. Chris had to initially delete his YouTube channel in 2015 because of toxic comments. But it is estimated that he had more than 200 million views and 50 million plays overall. Chris had released his documentary film “Me at the Zoo”,  which was premiered in 2012.

Chris Crocker
Chris Crocker had a brief stint as a gay porn actor

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Personal Life & Career:

Chris Crocker was born on 7 December 1987. Although he lives in Los Angeles, no one knows his exact location!. The reason behind it- society and its people with its disgusting mindset. While he had his YouTube channel, many people used to send him death threats because of the homosexual videos that he used to upload. Once he closed the channel for good, he decided to leave his past and focus on his future. He had a good relationship with his Boyfriend, Justin Dean. He also did one film with him. Because of the people who used to make fun of him being gay and his body stature, he built a very strong personality. Today he has a masculine body with an attractive look.

He has become an idol for all those who are facing the same issue. In fact, he has over 3 million followers on Facebook, where he openly shares his views about people. Chris uses his social media power and criticizes his hometown for considering homosexuality taboo. Christopher has no shame in accepting that he is gay, even though society might not accept him. But he doesn’t care. Today, Chris Crocker is a rich and famous man who has won millions of hearts and made a name for himself.

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