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Chris Carlos And Juliana Carlos Net Worth: Income Source and Lakers incident

julianna and chris
julianna and chris

Chri Carlos is one of the richest businessmen that we know of. He is an entrepreneur, partner in the second biggest distributor company, and a philanthropist. He was born on 26th October 1964. Chris turned 26 in 2021. The millionaire married Juliana Carlos. We do not know anything about her profession. Together they make a great team. The is a big age difference between them. But early this year, they got famous for a very embarrassing incident in Los Angeles. Also, any incident in a celebrity’s life, good or bad, instigates a question about their net worth. Here we will discuss what are Chris Carlos and Juliana Carlos’s net worth? Also, we will give you the full picture of what happened in the Lakers game early this year and how did people react to the incident?

First, let’s get to know who is Chris and Juliana Carlos, and why are they famous? Chris Carlos is a businessman. He runs a wine company named ‘Dixie Wine.’ This wine company has been in Chris’s family since his grandfather started the business in 1935. As we know, family riches are always feel good to have. Besides the family business, Chris is also a partner at the wine distributor company ‘Republic National distributor company.’ It is known to be the second-largest distributor company in the country. Moreover, he is also a philanthropist and donates to many charities.

chris and julianna carlos

chris and julianna carlos

Moving on to Juliana Carlos, she is 25 years old. There isn’t much information about her. She became famous after her fight with James LeBron. Juliana made some remarks at LeBron. Later both Chris and Juliana were thrown out of the arena by security. Because of this incident, Juliana gained 80,000 followers.

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What are Chris Carlos and Juliana Carlos’s net worth?

Chris Carlos and Juliana Carlos’s net worth is 80 million dollars. Adding Chris has many income sources, including his family business ‘Dixie Wine’, and his partnership in a wine and spirit distributor company. The couple lives in Atlanta. They have a luxurious life. They travel to many exotic destinations. We can confirm this through their social media posts. They do not hesitate to share anything about their lifestyle. They flaunt it very comfortably on their social handles.

Chris is in his 50s and is very successfully running his business. According to sources, his company is the second biggest distributor of wine in the US. Besides being an investor in ‘Republic National distributor company’, he is also on the board of directors of many organizations. Some of these organizations are Ronald McDonald House, Children’s hospital, and Murphy’s hear. The Carlos family is also famous for building Michael C. Carlos Memorial Museum. The Museum is present at Emory University. All this has contributed to building Chris Carlos and Juliana Carlos’s net worth.

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What happened at the Hawks-Lakers match?

It is not clear how the fight started, but according to the video posted on social media, Juliana is seen bad-mouthing LeBron. The basketball player did not take the insult quietly and responded to Juliana harshly. She was also criticized for taking off her mask. Then the situation got out of control. The referee stopped the game amid the argument. Security threw out the couple because of their heckling on the courtside. Now the couple is famous as ‘The heckler couple’ on social media.

Later, Juliana took to Instagram to explain her side. She said LeBron started the fight. She stated that LeBron stared at her husband. In response to it, she used inappropriate words against him. She was caught yelling at the player on a video. Moreover, she said that she was supporting her husband against LeBron. She said it was unfair that security forced them to leave. According to her, all she did was raise her opinion. Because of this incident, Juliana is being called ‘courtside Karen.’

juliana fighting with LeBron

Juliana fighting with LeBron

When the argument cooled down, she apologized for her behavior. Adding she is sorry for her rage and disruptive behavior. She should not have acted the way she did and apologized to the public present in the game for the inconvenience. Adding that, she should not have used inappropriate language against the player. But Chris is a Hawks fan. And he has shown his hatred against the Lakers many times on social media. So we cannot be certain if the reason given by Juliana is true or not.

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