Choi Yoon Jung of ‘My Teenage Girl’ Entangled in Bullying Controversy

Choi Yoon Jung of ‘My Teenage Girl’ Entangled in Bullying Controversy
Choi Yoon Jung

Choi Yoon Jung from the South Korean survival show “My Teenage Girl” is on fire for the bullying allegations. The survival show has become one of the most-watched in the nation, and its dramatic content and exciting survival missions have attracted thousands of viewers towards it. Each episode release of the show has gained a huge amount of viewership, and the spotlight is on the point in the show.

In this survival show, there are contestants competing for a spot in the final 7-member girl group. Therefore, it is no surprise that one of its contestants has bagged the headlines, but not in a positive way. Her alleged past has brought her into the mess of controversies, and now the whole internet is heavily criticizing her for a video that has gone viral.

In the K-Pop industry, everyone is very careful with everything they do. Because the media and their fans hawk, eyes are always on them. One wrong step and their whole reputation can go in vain. Bullying allegations have been circling every other K-Pop star in recent days, and now it has taken Choi Yoon Jung in its grip.

Choi Yoon Jung: What Are the Allegations About?

The controversies sparked when an old video of Yoon Jung, who is a Grade 3 contestant of “My Teenage Girl” and a trainee under J Planet Entertainment, went viral on the internet. In no time, it made many headlines across the internet for its underage content.

The video was taken off social media platforms as it started to become intense. But many out there have successfully captured the clips from the video while it was still on the internet. According to several netizens out there who managed to watch the video before it was taken down claimed that Choi Yoon Jung can be seen smoking in the clip.

Choi Yoon Jung of ‘My Teenage Girl’ Entangled in Bullying Controversy
Choi Yoon Jung Viral Video

Of course, the issue of smoking is not something really big. But the fact that Yoon Jung was really underaged in the rumored clip made it a big issue. Currently, the trainee is 16-year-old and was even younger in the clip that was going viral on the internet.

In South Korea, the legal age for smoking and purchasing tobacco products is 19-years-old. And this means Yoon Jung has severely breached protocol as she is still not anywhere near the legal age. Moreover, it is also true that underage drinking and smoking have become something really common in the country, but that doesn’t mean that the public out there cannot form a negative opinion about the same.

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Choi Yoon Jung: The Bullying Allegations

The video, which apparently showed an underage Yoon Jung smoking, gained online momentum in a very short duration of time. The situation became worse than it was before when an anonymous netizen accused Choi Yoon Jung of partaking in school bullying.

According to a report released by Sports Kyunghyang, the anonymous netizen has strongly claimed that Yoon Jung had previously bullied and beaten-up children who didn’t like her in the neighborhood. The anonymous netizen continued further and accused Yoon Jung of threatening others, smoking, and drinking underage. They also claimed that she used to steal from convenience stores and Daiso.

Choi Yoon Jung of ‘My Teenage Girl’ Entangled in Bullying Controversy
Choi Yoon Jung

The identity of the person has not been revealed, and the whole internet is in haphazard after they released the claim. Both the video and the bullying accusation have left everyone in shock. And the reactions about the same are not at all pleasing.

All in all, the netizens out there are highly offended. Some are saying that they are getting second-hand embarrassment from the video, while others are explaining the shock they got from the viral clip. Overall, the fact that she is underage has got the spotlight, and the talk is about the same.

Though, it should be noted that all the allegations have neither been confirmed nor denied by the artist or her company. Moreover, the original poster of the upload has deleted the rumored smoking video. Therefore, everyone out there is left in suspense, and his issue is getting more and more attention on all the social media platforms.

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