Ryu Sun Hee’s Confession About The Real ‘Chimera’ in ‘Chimera’ Episode 15

Chimera Episode 15
'Chimera' Episode 15

With episode 15 of the k-drama ‘Chimera’ coming this weekend, the story will soon be coming to an end. Tying the guards who were hired to kill him to a tree, Joong Yeop disappeared like a ghost. Being a professional military man, he used all the tricks he knew to get away from the search party. He went on to erase his smell in the jungle and camouflaged himself with the dirt. As the search team lost his track, Joong Yeop ran straight to the city. Looking at his face on the TV as the suspect, he hid in the bus’s luggage section and escaped to the other city.

Posing as ‘Richard Kimble,’ Joong Yeop sent Eugene a play ticket, hoping she’d get the hint. As she was in the middle of the play, she felt Joong Yeop sit behind her. He told her that no matter how much he tried, he wasn’t able to get over the past. As they were talking, Jae Hwan entered to talk, but Joong Yeop wanted to leave. As Jae Hwan pointed his gun towards him, Joong Yeop asked him to shoot him in the heart. He went on to pull the trigger himself, but the gun was empty. He took them home and let Joong Yeop stay the night.

‘Chimera’ Recap: Hyo Kyung’s Confession

On his way out to look for Joong Yeop, he met Hyo Kyu, who asked him about the prosecution in charge of Joong Yeop. As she pointed to Seoryon Group, she told him they might’ve killed Sung Hee and are now about to kill Joong Yeop too. As he asked her why is so interested in the case, she told him that she was Lee Sang Woo’s daughter. He didn’t believe her, so she told him that San Woo’s wife was pregnant. She died from an embolism, but the baby inside her, aka Hyo Kyung, was still alive. Sang Woo’s friend Kim Hyung Guk took her in and raised her like his own daughter. Who was also Sang Woo’s lawyer when he was convicted? As Jae Hwan left to look for Joong Yeop, she told him that she hoped he’d be the one to catch the Chimera.

'Chimera' Episode 15
A still from ‘Chimera’: Hyo Kyung

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Meanwhile, Min Ki, Seung Gwan, and Hyun Tae were drinking together. When Seung Gwan got drunk and had a panic attack, he started crying about how he was going to die from the stress of being attacked. He tells them if he dies, they will be the next people Chimera will explode in his chemicals. At the time, Min Ki told him to shut up. Still having a panic attack, Seung Gwan went on to confess to them that Lee Sang Woo didn’t kill himself. As he just wanted to teach him a lesson and accidentally beat him to death. Days after back at his work, the investigation for Chimera was still on. When the news about Joong Yeop being in the hospital came to him.

'Chimera' Episode 15
A still from ‘Chimera’: Chief Bae is dead.

‘Chimera’ Episode 15 Release Date & Preview

‘Chimera’ episode 15 will release on December 18, 2021. As he got a text from Jae Hwan to come and see him at midnight. What chief Bae failed to understand was that he was driving into Chimera’s trap himself. And before either he or Jae Hwan could figure it out, it was too late. While Jae Hwan ran to stop him, chief Bae was already in his car and turned the engine on. Pressing the button, he failed to notice that Chimera was lighter on the dashboard and ended up blowing up along with the car. With chief Bae being dead, the next on Chimera’s hit list is Seo Hyun Tae.

But there isn’t one but TWO Chimeras after him. Ryu Sung Hee’s other identity reached the police station to warn them about Sung Hee being back to kill Seo Hyun Tae. As she failed to kill him last time. While the police look from Sung Hee, the second Chimera might’ve already planted the trap for the corrupt CEO.

Watch Chimera Episode 15 Online – Streaming Details

‘Chimera’ Episode 15 will be available to watch on Rakuten Viki for international viewers. Here, one can watch the k-drama with English subtitles. If you are part of the domestic audience, then the series will be available to watch on OCN Network. The runtime for each episode is up to 70 minutes.

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