‘Chimera’ Episode 14: Who Is Next On Chimera’s Hit List?

"Chimera" Episode 14

OCN k-drama “Chimera” is nearing its end, with episode 14 on the way, and things are getting pretty intense. Joong Yeop has now become a huge sensation in the whole country. With the news of ‘doctor who was framed in now on the run,’ the police are looking for him. Using lithium from his phone to turn the tables and get to know that Hyun Tae was behind all this. Running through the woods, he was somehow able to save himself from the people behind him. And Eugene still doesn’t get the thing about the past that is so important for him that he’s willing to risk his life for it—not knowing how effective it could be.

The past might be coming to strike back at Hun Tae. After running into Eun Soo and Jae Hwan, Eun Soo was taken aback by the sudden trauma. He went on to do a background check on them and got to know that Eun Soo registered herself in 1984. Thinking that she might’ve changed her identity, he went on to meet Jae Hwan. There, he got to know that she got into an accident and has no memory of either the accident or the time before that. He tried to get more information out but couldn’t.

"Chimera" Episode 14
A still from “Chimera”: Hyun Tae told chief Bae to manage things on his own.

Min Ki got involved too by going to visit Hyung Guk and reminding him about how he was beaten up years ago for helping Sang Woo. Threatening him to stay away and stop his daughter as she keeps meddling in their business. Knowing if chief Bae messes up, he’s going to die next. But he doesn’t know why Hyun Tae is counting himself in the hit list too.

The Third One Out

After the death of Ju Seok and Yong Bok, the only detective left from Lee Sang Woo’s case investigation team was chief Bae. And he, too, had gotten his warning. Shutting up the chimera case after they caught the copycat killer, he went on to celebrate. But then he got a text that he was going to be the next on the hit list. Minutes before the ceremony was about to begin, he got a parcel from a “Full Blessing Church”. But realizing that he’s Buddhist, he went on to call the EOD team. After evacuating the whole building, the EOD team went on to check the bomb. And there they found a motor bomb inside the box.

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The motor was filled with glitter and spread as soon as it got opened. With a picture of the Chimera and ‘memento mori’ written on it, the bomb came as a warning for chief Bae. After arresting and framing Joong Yeop, chief Bae went to see Min Ki and Hyun Tae. But they indirectly discarded him from their ‘team’. As Hyun Tae told him to manage it on his own, Min Ki questioned him if they could trust him as its Chimera. If he makes a mistake, they’ll be the next one to die. While chief Bae wanted to avenge Yong Bok, Joong Yeop wanted to avenge his father. Its fire against fire. Hyun Tae is ready to throw everyone under the bus to save himself.

"Chimera" Episode 14
A still from “Chimera”: Eugene is going back to the States.

“Chimera” Episode 14 Release Date and What Might Happen?

“Chimera” Episode 14 will release on December 12, 2021. As the story is nearing its end, the truth is slowly unfolding. It’s the time when Jae Hwan has pointed his gun at Joong Yeop’s head. While Joong Yeop tells him to shoot him but he’s conflicted about his decisions. At the same time, Jae Hwan might’ve been having feelings for Eugene. Thinking that they’ll be putting an end to the story of Chimera together. With Eugene telling him that she’ll be going back to the US soon as she has gotten into a new team has definitely broken his heart a bit. But knowing how desperate Hyo Kyung is about the case, he wants to make sure that this case didn’t end up like the one 35 years ago.

Watch Chimera Episode 14 Online – Streaming Details

“Chimera” episode 14 will be available to watch on the OCN network. For international viewers, fans can head to the streaming platform, Rakuten Viki. This platform will allow one to watch all episodes by Chimera with English subtitles. Each episode of Chimera has a runtime of about 60 minutes to 70 minutes.

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