Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 13: Can Voight Catch The Brutal Gang Leader?

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 13
Chicago PD Season 9

A major arrest operation might be coming up next on Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 13 when it releases. Meanwhile, the previous episode saw our trying to bust the Los Temidos gang as soon as possible as it was dropping bodies in the town quite frequently. Moreover, the gang was known to be using a similar method of killing its victims.

On the other hand, we saw Voight sending in his most trusted CI Anna Avalos, to get more insider intel about the operation. Whereas she was also trying to find the particular murder weapon used by one of the gang members to kill all those people. Although, things got out of hand when Anna froze during an operation and almost got her killed. Meanwhile, Kim and Adam uncovered major information regarding the case that would turn everything around. However, the question that took over their minds was, who was the leader of the Los Temidos?

The police procedural drama has attracted a lot of viewers over the years since it first came out on 8th January 2014. In addition to that, the fact that the show was the first spin-off in the “Chicago” franchise hugely added to its viewership. As a result, the show is successfully airing its ninth season and has got the fans excited to watch Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 13. However, let us find out what went down in the previous episode first.

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 13
Jay and Adam interrogate a criminal

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 12 Recap

Episode 12 of Chicago PD Season 9 dropped on 19th January 2022 titled “To Protect”. The episode began with Voight and Jay visiting a trash dumping ground on the call of a detective who had found the body of a young man. While taking a look at his neck, they found that it was the same method of killing that the gang members of the Los Temidos gang have used in the past on everyone they killed. Later on, the team went out to look for the dead man’s cousin, who possibly had a connection to the gang, but he was also lying dead at his house, killed in the same way. However, they found a car at his house, registered to a woman named Blanca who worked at a Mexican bakery chain called Carabo. While visiting the bakery, Voight and Jay met the owner Escano who told that Blanca called in sick.

However, later on, Adam and Kim found Blanca dead in a car from a gunshot. Moreover, the gun used for the killing was similar to last year’s kills related to Los Temidos. This allowed the team to start looking for the gun called Glock 25 that the killer used on the victims. After some digging, they learned about the killer named Paco working for the head of Los Temidos and Adam and Kim followed him. Surprisingly, they found him taking huge payments from the bakery’s own Escano. This allowed Voight and the team to come to the conclusion that Escano was the leader they were after. Therefore, to get a hold of him, Voight finally sent Anna to Paco’s party to find the Glock 25 at his house. But Anna froze there seeing someone, so Voight rushed in with the team to see if she was safe.

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 13
A still from Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 12

Although, she didn’t want to wait much longer for things to cool down and made things smooth with Paco on her own. This allowed Voight to send her in again, and she managed to get her eyes on the gun. But Paco caught her snooping and was about to kill her. However, Voight and the others rushed in and caught Paco. Although, he was not ready to say anything about Escano and threatened Voight that Anna is not safe anymore. But Jay found out about Paco’s child and ex-girlfriend, whom he had kept away and made him confess everything he knew. Although, there wasn’t much to tell as Escano was very smart and never kept anyone too close. In the end, we saw Anna getting in on another risky undercover mission to get closer to Escano as she started working at Escano’s bakery. While Voight learned that Escano managed to get his hands on Paco even in police custody and got him killed.

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Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 13: Release Date, Spoilers & Air Time

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 13 will release on 23rd February 2022 on NBC at 10 pm ET.” Moreover, the show will be on a break for five weeks until it returns. Furthermore, the title of the upcoming episode is not yet confirmed. However, it will be exciting to see how does Anna helps Voight to catch Escano. Meanwhile, protecting her at all costs will be a major challenge for Voight as well.

How To Watch Chicago PD Season 9? Streaming Details

Chicago PD Season 9 airs at 10 pm ET every Wednesday on NBC in the United States.” In addition to that, the latest episodes also air on Peacock. On the other hand, the viewers can head to Amazon Prime Video to watch the show. Meanwhile, the show is available to stream on Youtube TV and Hulu as well.

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