Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 5: Where to Watch and Spoilers

In this post, we are going to talk about Chicago PD season 6 episode 5 release date, where to watch, and spoilers. The last episode commenced with Adam and Hailey’s flirting behavior, and that is not new as we know. But nobody knew that this was going to be seen by Adam’s ex-fiance Kim Burgess. They were behaving like nothing was happening between them when Kim entered, but she is not a small kid who would not understand! So, let’s get started with further information!

Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 5: Fathers and Sons

The show is part of the Chicago series of NBC, and all the shows are progressing together. Chicago PD is into its fifth week of the sixth season. The fifth episode of Chicago PD season 6 is scheduled to release on 24 October 2018. The show is broadcasted on NBC channel at 10 PM every Wednesday.

Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 5

The show is available on NBC app too, where viewers need to provide their existing cable TV subscription to get access. Furthermore, there are several online platforms such as Roku, Sling, and DirecTV where viewers can stream NBC at the discussed time to watch Chicago PD.

Kim came in to meet Brennan, as he had a task for her. Daughter of a VIP person wanted to be a cop, and Brennan wanted to make sure that she goes to the right person. That is why Brennan called Kim and asked her if she would take her for a ride-along and give her some tips. Kim was seen position about this task, as she was ready to make a detective!

In the upcoming episode, PD will have a task which will be related to a suspected drug peddling. It will be about a nightclub owner who is believed to do this illegal activity. To investigate this case, Adam Ruzek will be assigned. But the investigation becomes tougher when he finds someone he knows during the undercover work. There is a promo available, you can see it below!

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