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Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Spoilers and Release Date For Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6
From Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 5 Featuring Dr. hammer

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6 will see alot of personal patients coming in that leaves the Doctors with bigger challenges. More like what Dr. Blake faced recently. On her side though, she handled it very perfectly. The only thing is that she went interferring in the works of other doctors just because the patient was her own daughter. Something that doesnt really go well with the General Hospital rules. This resulted in lots of ego clashes as well as her own daughter admitting how her mother can be sometimes.

Anyway, apart from all of this, there was a family visiting for their kid who got his head hurt while playing. A nerf gunshot led him to bleed. Dr. Charles observed the case especially from his side while Dr. Scott treated the hurt kid. He realized that the other kid who went on to react by attacking might have been misdiagnosed. But there was a bigger secret around all of this. Here is a look at what went down recently on the show and what we can expect from Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6.

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 5 Recap

Previously on Chicago Med Season 7, we opened up with Dr. Marcel taking care of a patient named Avery. But Dr. Blake popped out of nowhere and took over the case from Dr. Marcel. Why? because the patient is her daughter and that’s something that didn’t fit with Dr. Marcel. Meanwhile, Dr. Scott was taking care of a kid named Alex who is bleeding from his head. The family claims he got hit by Nerf gun until Ryan revealed a different story by telling it was Ultrablaster.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6

From Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 5 Featuring Dr. Blake. Dr. Marcel and Dr. Archer

Moving Dr. Blake insisted to operate on Avery and tried breaking certain general rules. She was stopped midway and Dr. Archer and Dr. Marcel took over from here. Dr. Hasltead and Dr. Hammer were diagnosing a 71-year-old woman and pushed for VAS-COM. Meanwhile, Alex out of nowhere started having seizures which was a result of a cut that wasn’t covered properly. It was the responsibility of Dr. Taylor who has been interning and doing multiple tasks at hand.

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Dr. Charles observed Alex’s case very carefully. He realized that Ryan may have been misdiagnosed with ADHD. Dr. Scott prepared for Alex to have a bleeding surgery. Way before that, Alex confessed that he purposefully tried to poke Ryan so that he could him. All of this is because the parents gave extra care to Ryan. Dr. Charles tried talking to the parents but they initially didn’t accept it. Until Dr. Taylor lost the kid who saw what he did to Alex. This led Charles to talk Ryan out of this situation and the parents finally came to realize where they went wrong.

Ending For Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 5

From Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 5 Featuring Dr. Charles. Dr. Scott and Alex

Back to the surgery of Avery, Archer and Marcel may have been performing it. But it was the directions of Dr. Blake who made it possible. Of course Marcel wasn’t happy with this. But he did connect with his daughter Avery who read what he must be going through. Another emergency for Avery called in towards the end. This time Marcel realized what it needed and took over despite Blake trying to barge in. Lastly, Dr. Hammer and Dr. Halstead had a disagreement when the latter decided to pull back the VAS-COM for the 71-year-old they were treating.

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6 Release Date & Preview

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6 is releasing on 27 October 2021. It is titled, “When You’re a Hammer Everything’s a Nail”. The official synopsis of the episode says Hammer sees a difficult position at the hospital when her mother comes inside as a patient. Meanwhile, Scott is facing a similar situation where he has a history with a patient’s father. Something that keeps interfering while he is treating him. Also, it’s time for Crockett to prove his loyalty as his patient’s liver is a potential transplant match. All in Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6.

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6 Release Time & Streaming Details

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6 is airing on CBS at 8 pm ET. The total number of episodes still remains under wraps but expect a new one every Wednesday following the sixth for Chicago Med Season 7. You can also watch ‘Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6 on CBS’s Official website and Paramount+. The video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Microsoft Store, YouTube TV, and iTunes also offer Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6.

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