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Chehre Ending Explained: The Game That Turned Real

The Ending Of Chehre Explained
From Chehre Featuring Emraan Hashmi as Sameer Mehra

It has been a while since we had an intense thriller coming from Bollywood. So Chehre had everyone hyped up with its official trailer that told us of a deeper mystery. Furthermore, two pretty good actors were leading the film, and it was quite a recipe for success. Only if the story is presented well and its execution turns out well towards the ending of the film. Breaking down the same, here we are taking a look at what Chehre, directed by Rumi Jaffery, brought to us and explaining what its ending served.

We will see the film from all the perspectives director intended to tell us. So we will begin with the plot summary, which pretty much managed to hide a number of stories inside it. Then its revelation turns by turn thanks to a game the characters we’re playing. To the point where truths were denied and were forced to be revealed. Finally, getting to the part where the accused admitted the crime but had a bigger truth to tell. So let’s begin right from the beginning, shall we?

Chehre Plot Summary

Chehre tells the story of Sameer Mehra, the CEO of a huge advertising company. Traveling to Delhi in heavy storm results in Sameer Mehra’s car facing damage from a tree falling. Luckily, a man named Paramjeet Singh Bhuller was right around the corner to help. He advised him to tag along as he was about to visit his friend. Especially with the fact that there is no hotel nearby. On top of that, due to snowstorms, it may take at least two days until someone clears the tree from the road.

Paramjeet takes Sameer to a house. The place had many old guests staying who all came from one or other form of a profession that deals with the law. We had lawyers, judges, and much more. Apart from them, there was a young girl named Anna who is suffering from trauma from an event where she was r**ed. She, too is studying. Anna’s brother Joe killed the r***ist in turn and had recently returned after serving.

The Story Of Chehre

From Chehre Featuring Amitabh Bachchan as Lateef Zaidi

For a reason or two, everyone was quite excited to have Sameer. That was until Mr. Lateef Zaidi came walking into the door. The former criminal lawyer managed to guess intricate details about Sammer. All of them by just analyzing the coat he wears to the car he drives. After an interesting move, Lateef tells Sameer about an interesting game they all play together.

So this sees them revisiting an old case from their past. One of the individuals becomes the accused while others pick up the role of a criminal lawyer, a judge, a defense, and the one accusing. So they ask him to join in. Initially declining the same, Sameer agrees when Lateef hears his success story and accusing him of killing his own boss to get to the top. Especially with the fact that he died recently. So thus, the game begins.

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Chehre Ending Explained

Sameer’s Story

So as the reenactment of a trial begins, Sameer confesses that he didn’t steal the job. In fact, he was one of the three candidates. He got the job because of his capability. Digging further into the same, Lateef manages to bring out the affair Sameer supposedly had with his boss’s wife, Natasha Oswal. He admits to the relationship but also states that it went on until he found she is his boss’s wife.

The story of sameer in Chehre

From Chehre Featuring Emraan Hashmi as Sameer Mehra and Krystle D’Souza as Natasha Oswal

Further accusations lead Sameer to tell the true story behind how he met Natasha and how he found out about her. He also reveals the time he rescued a tied-up Natasha at her house. Also, the fact that Natasha told him he used to beat her. He wanted to kill his boss, but he didn’t. Instead, his boss died from a heart attack. Lateef proved all of this lie when he revealed that he managed to grab access to Sameer’s phone.

Plus also checked on his messages to see that he sent a video of him getting close to Natasha to his boss, which may have led to his heart attack. Also, the same night he found Natasha all tied up, they may have planned all of this. She may have mentioned somewhere about her husband’s condition.

The Truth Behind Sameer’s Story

The fact that Lateef broke privacy and checked on his phone fueled Sameer with anger. He reacted to it by admitting the murder. But the only takeaway was that he was forced to do it because of Natasha. So yes, half of the story Lateef predicted turned out to be true. The only difference was the way the couple planned to kill Sameer’s boss. That is using potassium injection.

Sameer Admits His Guilt In Chehre

From Chehre Featuring Emraan Hashmi as Sameer Mehra

After all of this, though, Natasha later parted ways with Sameer and never called him back again. That was until he followed her to find out she had an affair with someone else. She basically used Sameer to her own needs. This led Sameer to record all the talks she had with her new boyfriend and blackmail them for money. Natasha had arranged the money, and that is the reason Sameer was ready to travel through a snowstorm to get to Delhi.

The Reality Behind The game

Sameer thought all of this was a part of the game until he realized it was not. The judge announces his decision to punish Sameer. Lateef reveals the house is surrounded by cameras, and Sameer’s confession is recorded. This leads Sameer to react by taking out a gun and firing away until he walks away from the house. He runs into the wrong side and ends up falling from the mountain.

Final Moments Of Chehre

From Chehre Featuring Krystle D’Souza as Natasha Oswal

No one suspects Sameer’s death with the fact these kinds of deaths are common when there is a snowstorm or in a mountain region. Days later, Natasha arrives to take her phone and gets roped into the same game to close the film.

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