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Chase Daniel Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

William Chase Daniel is an American Football player. He is a quarterback of the National Football League and named the ‘Offensive Player of the League’. Washington Redskins signed him as an ‘Undrafted Free Agent’ in 2009. Chase was signed as an emergency quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. Daniel had a radiant college life. Passing for more than 12,000 yards and 100 touchdowns, he quickly became one of the most successful quarterbacks in his college. Daniel improved even more. In 2007, he had a 68.2 percent completion rate and 33 touchdowns, throwing for 4,306 yards.

The Heisman Trophy Trust invited Daniel to visit New York as one of the four finalists in December 2007. He had 425 points in the Heisman Trophy Voting and acquired the fourth position. He had 25 first-place votes, 84 votes for the second, and 182 for the third place. Moreover, this marks him as the second-highest after Paul Christman who finished in the third position. In 2008, Daniel appeared on the cover page of ESPN the Magazine. He has given his best to become one of the best players in the NFL. He primarily earned his net worth as a quarterback for Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints and how exactly did he exceed in his career?

Chase Daniel net worth

Chase Daniel

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Chase Daniel Net Worth:

American quarterback Chase Daniel is worth millions. In 2012, he had a salary of around $600,000 from New Orleans Saints and a signing bonus of around $200,000. Hence, Daniel is all set to earn around $34.3 million after throwing seven touchdowns in his NFL career. In October 2009, the Saints removed him, after placekicker Garett Hartley came back from his four-game suspension and re-signed Daniel again the following week.

In November 2009, he was waived off from the practice squad to re-sign the cornerback Chris Mcalister. Daniel had to battle with the Veteran Patrick Ramsey to get the quarterback position and daniel was chosen as the backup quarterback. In March 2016, Daniel signed a $21 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles and he was the backup to Carson Wentz. In 2017, Daniel requested his release from the team.

However, In March 2018, he signed a $10 million contract with the Chicago Bears and played as a backup to Mitchell Trubisky. Daniel completed 26 of 39 passes for 285 yards against the New York Giants. In March 2020, Daniel signed a $13.5 million three-year contract with the Detroit Lions. Daniel entered the game against the Minnesota Vikings after Mathew Stafford left the game. Consequently, he completed 8 of 13 passes for 94 yards, a touchdown and an interception. As of now, he signed with the Los Angeles Chargers. Moreover, His total earnings in the NFL career is almost $47.36 million.

All about Daniel’s personal life:

Daniel was born on 7th October, 1986 in Irving Texas. Daniel got married at the age of 32. He married his long time girlfriend Hillary Mullin. He lost contact with his girlfriend in 2007 and both reconnected again in 2011. They also completed their college at the University of Missouri together. Moreover, he’s the father of two kids. Daniel practised under his couch Todd Dodge at Caroll High School in Southlake. Daniel completed 60 percent of his passes for 8,298 yards and around 91 touchdowns and went on to win the 5A player of the year after Southlake ranked number one in 2004 for winning the 5A state championship.

Even though he had an incredible record his most preferred school in texas didn’t recruit him. Missouri got an opportunity to recruit him by involving him in their resurgent program. As of now, no other player is close to the earnings and achievements that he’s got. He’s quite outstanding when it comes to his career. Daniel focused completely on his game which brought overall success to his team and gradually became one of the best players to break records. The fact that people still believe being a quarterback doesn’t take much, but it takes a lot of effort to understand the routes where the players are running and the best way to set the game. Well, I guess Chase Daniel did chase his dreams.

Chase Daniel (right) and Hillary Mullin (left)

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