Is This Character Trying To Ruin The Tournament Of Power?

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power introduced a helluva lot of new characters. Some characters are loved by many fans of the series. Some new characters are otherwise hated or forgotten as the Tournament goes. So far, the character that fans want more exposure is the God-like warrior of Universe 11: Jiren.

Majority of the early characters were obviously just fill-in characters; those destined to fall on their first appearance. The example for this that I can remember is The Preecho which was eliminated by Master Roshi and Tien Shinhan. These characters can be easily forgotten, but they never received the hate that Ribrianne is taking right now.

Ribrianne is the leader of the Kamikaze Fireballs and is the assumed leader of the whole Universe 2 team. Though she is not evil or not similar to the other characters (like that lobster who beat Kale before), according to some viewers, Ribrianne is very…out of place for Dragon Ball Super.

Since her introduction, Ribrianne has been in the side of hated characters in the Dragon Ball Super. It was furthermore elaborated when I saw reactions on various social media sites about the Episode 109 preview. It was voiced out that Jiren should have more appearance than the winged cupid Ribrianne.

I personally think that this distaste for Ribrianne started when Toei started using the same frames on Episode 102. They transformed twice in one episode, and personally, I am one of those viewers who thought out loud about why they did not speed up the transformation. And lastly, I watched some YouTube videos about Ribrianne and they were all complaining about how Ribrianne always mentions love and whatnot.

Ribrianne is on par with Vegeta and Goku which makes her more powerful than other characters still in the Tournament of Power. She also seems to pack a very large stamina which reminds me of Majin Buu sometimes. Her attacks and techniques are extremely bizarre and it can confuse those who are ignorant of those tricks. And despite her shape, she is fast enough to keep up with the Universe 7 guys.

The only problem with Ribrianne is her addiction with love. In almost all her sentences, there is the word “love”. It seems to be out of place in the Tournament of Power, or in the whole Dragon Ball series. We will see in the next episode if Ribrianne will be eliminated.


The Reason Why Hit Will Probably Lose To Jiren In Tournament Of Power

If there’s another fight that fans want to see aside from Goku and Jiren’s battle, that would be Jiren’s fight against Hit. According to the spoilers, Goku and Jiren’s fight will end badly for the universes excluding Universe 11. Goku’s Genki-Dama will fail, and basically, he will just waste his stamina. His new form will possibly not appear in this episode.

After Goku’s defeat, Hit will try to take the stage and fight Jiren. This is a complicated fight because of Hit’s time skipping and Jiren’s mysterious ability. It was seen during Hit’s fight with Dyspo that even without the time skip, Hit is still a formidable enemy because he adapts so well as the battle goes. Also during Hit and Dyspo’s fight, it was shown that Hit could utilize the time skip to confuse the enemy especially if the enemy is aware of the time skip ability.

Hit might get a chance in an earlier time against restricted Jiren. He might even be performing better than Goku. But there are a few reasons why Hit will lose against Jiren. And the reason that Goku is the main character is not even counted as a reason here.

First, Jiren got this super advanced movement prediction that startles even Goku. This is a great factor because Goku can read Hit’s movements during their fight on the Universe 6 and Universe 7 tournament. Predicting the movement of the enemy nullifies….


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