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Chapstick Challenge On Tiktok – What Is It All About?

Chapstick Challenge

The trends of completing cute couple challenges and making videos about the same are going viral. Many couples and Youtube creators are now completing these challenges and posting about them. The challenges have become a huge trend nowadays. And almost every week, there is some or other challenge coming up and stays in trend for a while.

One such is the Chapstick Challenge. It is speculated that the challenge is created by Shane, who is a YouTuber. But the news is not an accurate one. Many famous YouTubers have tried this challenge and have also received a high number of views on these videos.

What is the Chapstick Challenge?

Many people who don’t follow the trend may not know about these trends and challenges. In the Chapstick Challenge, the person has to guess what flavor of chapstick is the other person wearing. The challenger will kiss the opponent, and the opponent will have to guess the flavor. This challenge also allows players to smell or lick the other person’s lips to know the flavor of the chapstick. And during the whole time, the person who is guessing will be in a blindfold. He or she is not allowed to see anything during the whole game. Once they have given their guess, they are allowed to take off their blindfold. The players can apply various flavors of the chapstick for the challenge. Like Pink Grapefruit, Cotton Candy, Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla Late, Mango Sunrise, Sweet Watermelon Green Tea Mint, and many more.

Is the Challenge Related to the brand Chapstick?

Chapstick is a famous lip balm brand. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare manufactures it. And Chapstick products are used in a number of countries worldwide. The main intention of this brand is to help treat and prevent chapped lips. And that’s precisely where the name of the brand comes from—many varieties. The brand also produces sunscreen in order to prevent sunburn.

The brand’s popularity over the years has to lead it to become a genericized trademark. The term is now popularly used for any lip balm that is in a lipstick-style tube. And is also applied in the same manner as lipstick. However, the term officially a registered trademark. And the rights are exclusively owned by GlaxoSmithKline. The main competitors of this company in the US are Carmex and Blistex, which are also popular brands that use lipstick-style tubes for their lip balm products. And the competitors in Iceland and in the United Kingdom include Lypsyl. Lypsyl is made by Novartis Consumer Health and is also sold in similar packaging to ChapStick.

There have been many instances when people have thought that this new Chapstick Challenge is a part of the brand’s marketing strategies. But that’s not the case at all. The brand is not even remotely related to the making of this challenge. Because the brand has already gained a lot of popularity and a name for itself, it doesn’t require a new challenge trend to promote its products.

Famous YouTubers Who Have Tried This Challenge

There are many Youtubers who have tried this Chapstick Challenges. Most of them have tried it with their partners. Some of them are Jack and Jaycee, Chandler N Wilson, Bryce Hall, Lev Cameron, and many more. The first ones rumored to try this challenge were the members of the youtube channel Girls Play. A group of Eight girls runs the channel. Namely Amber, Cecelia, Kelli, Stacy, Mariya, Renae, and Sydney. They are all colleagues and started this America-based channel somewhere around January 2013. This channel actually commenced as a gaming channel, but they later started doing other content too. However, the main focus still remains on gaming. Maria and Renae accepted the challenge. Followed by the other girls.

Personally, I don’t feel that this challenge is worth the attention that it is getting on the internet. But many people may enjoy watching this. That is why so many of the youtube content creators have opted to do this challenge. However, nothing stays in trend for a long time on the internet, so it’s just a matter of time when the creators will move to the next trending challenge.

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