Celebs In Stray Kids Concert: Lisa From Blackpink, Penial from BTOB and many more Who Attended

Celebrities who attended Stray Kids Concert
Celebrities who attended Stray Kids Concert

The group Stray Kids has just finished with its Seoul concert of their World tour MANIAC and fans were thrilled to see many celebrities who came to support and enjoy the Stray Kids concert. The group Stray Kids had recently released their new album “ODDINARY” and their song “Maniac” has been breaking records ever since. The album reached no. 1 on Billboard 200 chart. This was an amazing achievement for them.

The self-producing group Stray Kids, also known as SKZ gave the long-awaited announcement of the world tour on March 7, 2022. The fans were anxiously awaiting the day when they could finally enjoy the live concert and the day finally arrived. The tour started in Seoul, South Korea. It was a 3-day concert at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, which was fully packed with thrilled fans. Along with the fans, there were also many k-pop idols who came to support Stray Kids and shared their happiness during the concert. These are the celebrities who attended the ‘Thunderous’ concert of Stray Kids.

Lisa from Blackpink and Minnie and Yuqi from (G)I-DLE in the Stray Kids concert

It is no surprise that Lisa from Blackpink and Bangchan are really good friends. Chan also revealed that Lisa gifted him an awesome hoodie on his birthday. Along with her, Minnie and Yuqi from (G)I-DLE too attended the 2nd day of the concert. Minnie also shared a photo on her Instagram account where three of them were holding the official lightstick of Stray Kids, Nachimbongs. But wait, who was the third person? Well, fans are super talented and found out in no time that the third person was Lisa from Blackpink. Their BFF goals are what we stan!

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Celebs who attended Stray Kids concert
Lisa from Blackpink and Minnie and Yuqi from (G)I-DLE

Chenle and Kun from NCT

Felix and Chenle from NCT are very close friends for a long time and Chenle came to support his friend at the concert. Joining him was his group member Kun.

Penial from BTOB supporting Stray Kids

We know that Bangchan is one of the friendliest idols in the industry and there is no doubt that he has friends from everywhere. And Penial is one of them. Even during the reality show “Kingdom: Legendary War” we saw how they always supported each other and Penial also mentioned that he knew Chan from his childhood. Penial uploaded a post on his Instagram account holding the official lightstick of Stray Kids with one of the cutest masks which had BangChan written on it. If this is not one of the cutest BFF goals, then we don’t know what is.

Celebs who attended Stray Kids concert
Penial from BTOB wearing a mask which has Bangchan written on it

Junho from 2PM and J.Y. Park

Yes, “The Red Sleeve” Korean drama actor and the member of 2PM Junho was enjoying his time and danced in the audience during the Stray Kids concert. The fans noticed that J.Y. Park was just beside Junho and he too enjoyed the concert the whole time.

Xdinary heroes and NiziU

The JYP boy band Xdinary heroes and the girl group NiziU were also spotted at the Stray Kids concert. The groups were highly enthusiastic and cheered for their seniors from the crowd. Xdinary Heroes were spotted dancing energetically and bobbing their heads to the energetic songs. Bangchan, the leader of Stray Kids also gave a shoutout to Xdinary Heroes and thanked them for coming there. Along with them were members of 2PM- Wooyoung and Jun.K.

So it is no news that not only the fans but also the stars were enchanted by the group’s power-packed performances. The Seoul concert has ended and it was an immense success that gave many surprises to the fans which they will never forget. From the OT8 performance to the tear-jerking moments to watching the abbs of Chan, Felix, and I.N. to the red hair of Hyunjin, everything was top-notch. Fans from around the world cannot wait for the next concert scheduled on the tour as they know that they are in for more surprises from the group.

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