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Spoilers & Recap: Catfish Season 8 Episode 47

Spoilers For Catfish Season 8 Episode 47
From Catfish Season 8 Episode 46 Featuring Nev and Kamie

Catfish Season 8 Episode 47 could arrive in a week but before it does that, we thought we could take a look at what it could be about. Refer and take lessons from what happened recently on the show as well. The last time we were on Catfish, we met Brittany, a young working 22-year-old girl who has suddenly found herself in trouble with her past relationship. So the thing is she met an anonymous man online who had links to her past relationship. Furthermore, he persuaded her to get things back together but never showed his face or met her in real.

Nev and Kamie predicted this anonymous man could have been the same guy she was in a relationship with once. But things were far deeper than what we thought. There was a bigger fall from that relationship, a third person involved, and much more. Apart from that, our own Britanny who came to seek help might as well be lying about everything. What was the truth again? Well, let’s break down everything that happened between this Brittany and this anonymous man she was talking to.

Catfish Season 8 Episode 46 Recap

Previously on Catfish Season 8, Nev and Kamie met Brittany this time. She has this friend called Mark. The problem is despite living in the same city he never wants to meet or face time. Also, he has a weird connection with Brittany’s ex. She talked to Mark on a random online chat years ago where she ended it quickly. They started talking again when Mark revealed he recognizes her from a nude picture online.

What Went Down InCatfish Season 8 Episode 46?

So Brittany told about her previous relationship with Billy. He was her superior and he is probably the problem. He was married and his wife may have posted it for revenge. Then a month ago, he hit her message again and told her that he knows Billy and how they should come together. He gave her Billy’s new phone number and yes Brittany and Billy reconnected again. Brittany was in love and she started doing things with Billy all over again. This may make up that Mark was Billy after all. But Billy later risking Brittany with a job sounded crazy.

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So, anyway, Nev and Kamie started working on it. The first person they could approach is Joanne who sent Brittany money once when Mark told her to. Talking to Joanne, Nev and Kamie realize it’s Brittany who could be messing around and lying. Brittany confessed at first she is no liar. But when Nev read out his chats with Joanne to her, she decided to come up with the truth.

What's Next For Catfish Season 8 Episode 47?

Brittany confessed she was ambushed into the show despite not wanting. Mark and Billy forced her to approach Catfish with that she could be with Billy again. This sounded crazy so Nev went on to contact and invite Billy on Zoom. So the person on the screen turned out to be Bobbi. She confessed that she contacted her to see if Brittany pursues her man again and she did. This is all went wrong for both. Bobbi wanted to get closure by bringing Brittany on Catfish. So, from now on, both moved on from here. Bobbi is living happily with Billy while Brittany later found someone she could love in the future too.

Catfish Season 8 Episode 47 Release Date and Spoilers

We can expect Catfish Season 8 Episode 47 to release on the 10th of August 2021 airing on MTV at 9 PM ET. At the moment, we can’t say how many episodes Catfish plans to go on following the forty-seventh. So until then expect a new episode for Catfish Season 8 every Tuesday following the forty-seventh.  You can also watch Catfish Season 8 Episode 47 on MTV’s official website. The video-on-demand services of iTunes, VUDU, Microsoft, and YouTube TV.

Catfish Season 8 Episode 47 doesn’t have any major details yet. But we are expecting the show to continue its quest to help people who are in trouble. Those who were looking for love but found themselves in big trouble. Like Nev, says it’s not about watching heartbreaks, it’s about getting closure on everything that went down. Similar to what both Brittany and Bobbi did in this episode. They fixed something that messed up years ago and never had really anything to move on with. But now they did.

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