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    PokemonGo: Game Master Changes!

    After a much-awaited announcement, Niantic finally revealed the details of its Halloween event. It’s going to be a 2X candy for Catching and Buddy Walking, just like last year. In addition to that, we are also getting new Gen-3 Ghost-type Pokemon only. But this is just for the time being. In the months following (as […] More

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    Pokemon Go: New Update Is Here, Gen-3 And More

    A few hours ago, I got a tweet notification on my phone that there is a new APK of Pokemon Go, I got to work and called a few of our team members to start working for the APK mine. The changelog for this update was bug fixes which gave me a turning feel that […] More

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    First Ever Official Pokemon Go Contest Is Now!

    In an interesting turn of events, Niantic announced a global contest, which is pretty awesome, to say the least. In their efforts to push AR- based gameplay forward, Niantic is hosting an AR-Contest! This is a first of it’s kind of deal for Niantic. The winner of this contest will be receiving a Pokemon Go […] More

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    Pokemon GO: Game Master Updated Again! What’s New?

    Well, now that we have reached an end to September officially, and it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte time again, we really hope that Niantic gives us a good event just like last year, for Halloween. We do have some ideas for a Halloween 2017 event in Pokemon Go, but that’s a subject for another day. Earlier […] More

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    PokemonGO: Introduce a Daily Raid Streak?

    Remember those early days of Pokemon Go when the game was all in, and everyone was talking about the game. After the game slowly lost its popularity and things started to slow down a little bit, Niantic came up with this new strategy of rewarding trainers to visit Pokestops. Although at that time the concept […] More

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    PokemonGO: Equinox Egg Pool and Rarity Analysed!

    Well, trainers, there is some amount of good news for you’ll the Equinox event was just extended, due to the server based login issues that trainers worldwide faced recently. Now the end time for Equinox event is on the 3rd of October 2017 at 1:00 PM PDT. This is good news for all, giving trainers […] More

  • PokemonGO: Huge Influx of Ex-Raids!
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    PokemonGO: Huge Influx of Ex-Raids!

    Fellow Pokemon Trainers it’s been quite some time since EX-Raid Testing has started. The first ever EX-Raids began rolling out to trainers around places of interest for Niantic, at places like NYC and SF. Later Pokemon Go Youtuber PkmnMasterHolly reported that her city of Philadelphia there was an EX-Raid that was happening. Now thanks to […] More

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    PokemonGo: More PokeStops For Rural Areas!

    For more than a year Pokemon Go trainers in rural areas have faced a lot of problems, when it comes to playing the game. Since the game was launched about a year ago, rural Pokemon Go trainers have been complaining that they were unable to make the most of the game, since there is not […] More

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    PokemonGo: EX-Raids Testing Expanded!

    Ever since Ex-Raids were announced the members of the Pokemon Go community have been impatiently for their first ever chance at catching a Mewtwo. Well, we have some good news for you guys. It’s been almost 3 or 4 days since the initial tests have started. Our latest intel tells us that the EX-Raids are […] More