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    Ken Kaneki: Deepest Character Ever? -Tokyo Ghoul

    As we know, Kaneki is Tokyo Ghoul’s main character. Since a lot of people find him really deep, today I’m gonna introducing you an analysis of his personality, making a comparison between the Kaneki we were used to seeing before the second season and the Kaneki who is born during that season. If you remember, […] More

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    Big News For Tokyo Ghoul Fans

    This month has been glorious for many Tokyo Ghoul fans eagerly awaiting for newly anticipated content. First, the live-action film Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie is being released in various American theatres with subtitles in mid-October. It already has very positive reviews from critics for the production’s story, art, and music adaptation. Secondly, the much-anticipated Tokyo […] More

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    Zoro Is Getting A New Sword In Wano Kingdom

    Zoro is one of the main characters that we all love, his tolerance to pain is out of this world, his strength, endurance, enormous amount of stamina and after all his ways to protect his crew from tough opponents is what we all get to admire from this character. Even though all of these traits, […] More

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    Top 5 Best Less-Considered Anime

    Nowadays anime are known by more people than some years ago. This happened thanks to social networks, which contributed to their spreading by sharing news and information, and also thanks to the marketing process some anime took part in. On the contrary, what about those anime that are less marketed but deserve the same consideration […] More