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    Dragon Ball Super Manga To Reveal Jiren’s Secret

    Jiren is character that’s full of mystery really. He was first brought up by Toppo after the Zen exhibition match where he fought Goku, and he exclaimed Goku to be no match for Jiren. In fact, in the manga, Toppo goes on to say that Jiren is actually stronger than the God of Destruction of […]

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    New Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Images Revealed

    According to DBS episode 116 Spoiler, it just says Kefla powers up, not that she beats Goku or even fights him evenly. Only that she powers up, Powering up doesn’t like matching in power. For all, we know Kefla vs. Ultra Instincts Goku will go the precise same way as Goku vs. Jiren but with Goku […]

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    What Will Happen After The End of Tournament of Power?

    Hey guys. I’m here with another post about Dragon Ball Super! Today’s point of discussion is the anime itself. To be more specific, what is gonna happen to the anime after the Tournament of Power and how can the creators keep the anime flowing? Of course this post is gonna have spoilers from the anime, […]

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    Dragon Ball Overtakes Gundam In Stunning Fashion

    Hey guys. Today I’m here with some pretty big news about the Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball attracted a huge number of fans from the West and it gained popularity in a short period of time. The anime seems to be on the rise once again. Going back to the homeland of Sakura blossoms and […]

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    Once Again Dragon Ball Super Fails Vegeta

    Vegeta has always been an important character when it comes to Dragon Ball. He was Goku’s rival, and dead set on surpassing him ever since they fought on Earth for the first time. By the end of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta actually accepted the fact that Goku was better, and since the series was ending […]

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    DBS Episode 117 Leaked Spoilers, Vegeta Tries Ultra Instinct, Goku Under Attack

    DBS Episode 117, titled Grand Love Showdown! Androids vs. Universe2 indicates the conclusion of Kefla and Goku’s fight. The episode takes another focused effort between Androids and Universe 2. Now with that said in episode 117, it looks like that Goku runs out of stamina, it has no specifying of him losing. We don’t know much […]

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    Leaked Spoilers: Vegeta Tries To Go Ultra Instinct But Something Goes Terribly Wrong

    In recent Dragon Ball Super episode we can see Vegeta fighting Toppo from Universe 11, and he’s evenly fighting with Toppo. Earlier today some spoilers were leaked from Weekly Shonen Jump Korean version and thing are not looking good for Vegeta. Dragon Ball Super episode 117 will be mainly focused on Goku, Ribrianne, Rozie, Android […]

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    Dragon Ball Super: November 2017 Schedule

    With the current state of Dragon Ball Super, we are still in the Tournament of Power Arc which has been confirmed to continue until March 2018! Goku fighting against the powers of both Caulifla and Kale combined as their fused character, Kefla! With Goku struggling to fight against this foe using Super Saiyan God and […]

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    How Goku’s Second Ultra Instinct Was Triggered

    Everybody witnessed yet another miraculous feat from Son Goku in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. Not only is he able to dodge attacks from Kefla, but he also sent some of those ki blasts flying away just by slapping them. Ultra  Instinct does really make Goku a being that is a class of […]