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    Did Ichigo Lose his Hollow powers?

    It has been well over five (5) years since the last episode of Bleach aired, and yet, many still question to this day about Ichigo Kurasaki’s Hollow powers. Though asked in many ways, the most asked question is always seems to be about whether or not Ichigo can still use his Hollow Powers. The answer […]

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    Bleach – The Truth About Captain Kyoraku’s Bankai

    In the world of Bleach, with no doubt Shunsui Kyuoraku is one of the strongest characters ever. He’s the captain of the 8th division of the 13 Gotei and, together with his friend captain Ukitake, he’s the only owner of a double Zanpakuto; in fact, his Zanpakuto, which is called Katen Kyokotsu, is composed of […]

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    Top 10 Strongest Bankai Ever In Bleach – Ranked

    In the world of Bleach there are several powerful characters; among them, some of the strongest are the Shinigami who belong to the 13 Gotei and who are able to use their Zanpakuto’s bankai form during a fight. Since there are a lot of different bankai, let’s see what are the 10 strongest bankai ever […]

  • Bleach : Paradise Lost

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    Bleach : Paradise Lost – New Story Mode And Mission Mode Details

    Although the Bleach anime has been finished for quite some time now and the fans begging for more content as the manga hasn’t been animated, there is another department of media content that can satisfy Bleach fans like you and me! Video games seem to be the solution, seeing as how they’re cheaper to make […]

  • Bleach live action movie

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    Bleach Live Action Movie Teaser 2018

    If you think Bleach is gonna be another spoiled one like Netflix’s Death Note you are wrong Warner Bros, Japan will make it amazing. Fans have been waiting to get word on Bleach Live Action Movie for months now, but all they’ve gotten is radio silence.Today, After all, the first teaser trailer for Bleach’s live-action […]