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Casualty Season 36 Episode 5: Release Date & Preview

Casualty season 36 started airing this year for all the fans and we are very thankful to the creators for doing so. Now, the biggest deal is, the show has been running for 35 seasons already and has established itself as the longest-running medical drama in the entire world. The casualty was first created by Paul Unwin as well as Jeremy Brock. Its first installment was broadcasted in the United Kingdom on the channel BBC One back in 1986. Well, it has obviously been such a long time since then. Geraint Morris was the original producer of this series when it first came out in the 80s.

By now, you guys would have already understood that this is a medical drama series. As for the premise, the story is set in the fictional Holby City Hospital. A major focus is thrown at the characters working in the sector called the Accident and Emergency Department. In season 36, we have been provided with three episodes to date. They all have marked new twists and plot updates for us, which we obviously loved. Thus, we decided to discuss a bit of recap for the previous episodes.

In Casualty season 36 episode 1, we saw that Ethan is rushing inside the Emergency Department. This episode was titled Begin Again. We saw him coming across a new face in the department. This new person is all set to have her share of revenge from all the people who have wronged her in the past. Then the plot escalated to the second episode real quick. Here we saw Jacob reaching a turning point in the bond which he shares with Tina.

Casualty Season 36 Recap

On the other hand, Ethan is having trouble with the work that he does. It is because he has the responsibilities of being a single parent on his shoulders. We also see that Teddy has uncovered the secret of Jan. In the most recent third episode of Casualty season 36, titled Short Fuses, we were a part of another fresh set of plot twists. A medical crisis arose in the starting moments of the series. This is what brought Jan as well as Ffion even close to each other. All this while, there were tensions rising between Matthew and Ethan.

Soon enough, these all came to a potential end. Then in the fourth episode titled No Harm Done, which has released recently, we saw that Tina and Jacob are having some issues with them. More or less, they rose because of how Iain, a person outside of their relationship, is getting information about what is happening between the two. All this while, we see that Jade and Steve are having a conversation. But soon, Jade reveals an awful secret. Now, this is all that we have seen in the previous episodes of the series. It is past time we start discussing the next updates for Casualty season 36.

Casualty Season 36 Episode 5 Release Date and Where to Watch

Casualty season 36 episode 5 is set for a release on the 11th of September 2021. A title has not been confirmed by the creators yet for this entry, nor there has been a press release about it. Well, it will release at 8:45 PM on BBC One. New episodes will see the light on our television screens every week on Saturdays, thus, you all should keep this in mind as well. All you need to do, in order to watch this series, is head tune into the BBC One Channel. The date and the scheduled time have been provided below to all of you.

Another way to watch this show online is through the official website of BBC One. In order to log in, you will need valid cable credentials. If you wish to stream the episodes live but online, then there are platforms made for that. We have sources such as YouTube TV as well as Fubo TV and DirecTV. Now, if you can not afford to miss out on even one episode of the series, then there are ways to manage your thirst too. All you need to do is rent or maybe even buy the new episodes from VOD platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or Apple iTunes.

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