Carrie Tries Dating Again In ‘And Just Like That’ Episode 9

Who is Carrie dating in and just like that
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‘And Just Like That’ episode 9 — “No Strings Attached” — will see Carrie try the dating thing again. Although she is reserved about the idea of dating someone again, the teacher does seem like someone she can pursue something meaningful with. Meanwhile, Charlotte, who barely saved her and Harry’s extremely vulnerable and exposing situation from Lily, will continue to deal with her daughter’s troubles. Lily is growing up and with growing up comes a great deal of natural struggles.

Meanwhile, Che will confront Miranda about her one-sided expectations of their relationship. Miranda’s mindset and ideas about her relationship with Che aren’t congruent with Che’s. Steve, on the other hand, will visit Carrie to get some help to learn about Miranda’s wants and problems. Let’s now delve into all that episode 9 of “And Just Like That” will entail. Spoilers ahead!

Who plays Carrie in and just like that
Carrie in episode 8

‘And Just Like That’ Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 opens with Miranda giving a speech at a pride rally. As Che speaks about allies and the fears that coerce people to hide their identities, Miranda spots Brady and Louise in the crowd and hides from them. She later meets Che and confesses that she hasn’t told any of her family members about her affair. Che, on the contrary, is of the impression that Miranda’s family must be aware of her open marriage. Miranda tells her it’s not an open marriage because she hasn’t told anyone about it. Che is understandably angry and tells her that they’re not a homewrecker. Upset, Che walks off, telling Miranda to figure her life out.

Carrie’s Loud Neighbors & Charlotte’s Sexual Mishap

Meanwhile, Carrie is at her home with Seema when her loud neighbors perturb the peace. She dreads being that annoying old-timey neighbor but the chatter is just too loud, so she shouts back at them. The next morning, the neighbor girl comes by to apologize. Carrie tells her she only shouted because she’s a writer and can’t focus with the loud chatter.

Charlotte brings Harry a ring that keeps track of his physical health. As she gets on her knees to cheekily ring Harry’s finger, the husband nudges her to take the advantage of the opportunity. Charlotte happily obliges and as she’s about to fellate Harry, Lily walks in, disrupting the sexual energy into one of chaos and concealment. Charlotte then tries to save themselves by telling Lily she was just checking Harry’s penis for cancer. Later at dinner, Charlotte shares her horror with the girls. Miranda and Carrie are stunned to find that Charlotte offers Harry that treatment.

Miranda Takes a Big Step

Meanwhile, Miranda breaks the news to the girls that she’ll be asking Steve for a divorce soon. Carrie later talks to Miranda some more about Che and the divorce while taking a walk. Miranda says her marriage is already so stale so it won’t affect Steve as Carrie fears it may. She also says she wants to be with Che. Carrie asks her if Che wants to be with her. An important question that is sure to play an integral part in Miranda’s arc moving forward.

Carrie visits her neighbor with some brownies but her boyfriend answers the door. The encounter ends super awkward when the boyfriend drops his towel and flashes his package to Carrie. Meanwhile, Miranda confronts Che regarding their relationship and it it has any future. Che says they have do have a future but don’t expect any traditional stuff. Miranda is fine with it being non-traditional, she’s had enough of it already. She then tells Che she will sort out the divorce stuff with Steve so she can be with Che.

Who plays Charlotte in and just like that
Charlotte, Carrie, and Miranda in episode 8

Charlotte’s Relief & Miranda’s Excitement

At Charlotte’s, she discovers that Lily has a rather saucy post on her Instagram account. Lily skedaddles away to Carrie after Charlotte confronts her about it. Carrie tells Charlotte Lily is just figuring out her identity. Charlotte later also learns that the account is private. She also learns that Lily bought the whole penis cancer thing. Knowing that Lily is still very much a kid, Charlotte is relieved. Carrie later finds her neighbor has a breakup with her boyfriend.

She tells the neighbor it’s just New York Dating and the neighbor calls her cool — beginning of a new friendship maybe? Meanwhile, Miranda finally comes clean to Steve. She tells him it isn’t enough for her and she doesn’t want the stale marriage anymore. Steve, who actually thinks that things are going stable now, surprises Miranda. Later, she tells Carrie that she’s going to surprise Che in Cleveland. The way Miranda feels the excitement over her future relationship with Che, it feels that the show has a major blow ready for her.

‘And Just Like That’ Episode 9 Release Date & Preview

Episode 9 of “And Just Like That” is set to release on January 27, 2022. There exists no official synopsis for the upcoming episode. However, there is an official promo that sheds sufficient light on what’s to come. We will see Carrie go on a second date which she terms as a “do-over”. However, she’s still reserved about her calling it a date. Charlotte seems more excited at the date than Carrie, who says as much as to take the romance out of it. However, it does seem that this date might bloom into something more. That all will depend on if Carrie seeks another serious relationship after Big’s passing — something that she’s still not entirely over yet.

Meanwhile, the next episode will see Miranda get hit hard by the reality of her dynamic with Che, which has been eluding her traditional way of approach towards relationships, no matter how much she wants to escape the “traditional”. Che can be seen telling Miranda that she’s not their girlfriend and they’re not dating. “We’re not?” — asks Miranda. However, they do seem to have dinner at a restaurant later and laugh along with each other. So it seems if anything, Miranda will most likely learn to expand her horizons regarding relationships and marriage than pursue a serious, traditional relationship with Che. Meanwhile, Steve will turn to Carrie to ask about Miranda’s extra-marital affair timeline. Charlotte, meanwhile, will continue to contend with Lily’s troubles. She’s a teenage girl and the teenage girl problems — periods and the surrounding exasperation — are catching up to her.

Watch ‘And Just Like That’ Episode 9 Online — Streaming Details

“And Just Like That” episode 9 will be premiere on HBO Max on January 27, 2022, at 3:00 a.m ET. New episodes of the “Sex and the City” sequel drop on Thursdays every week. You can watch “And Just Like That” online on HBO Max or any other HBO- affiliated streaming service. Hulu with the HBO add-on is one such example you can binge the show on. You can also watch the show online on HBO’s official website or HBO Max without an extra subscription. All you need in order to start streaming are your cable login details.