Carice Van Houten Hints Her Return In Game Of Thrones Final Season

‌First seen in the second season of the hit HBO TV series Game Of Thrones, Van Houten was surely the most hated character of the show, of course after Cersei. The character she played seemed to be profoundly evil with a hint of mysteriousness. She seemed to be a very successful sorceress until her failed adventure of burning poor princess Shireen alive and all her fake prophecies gained her the hatred of fans.

Her true identity was revealed in season six of the series where she takes off the magical necklace that makes her appear young and beautiful where in reality she’s much older than what she looks like to be. The season six seems much likely to be a U-turn of her character when she revived Jon Snow back to life it has seemingly put her in the good books of the GOT fans.

Not much of her was seen in season six after she decides to return to Volantis after Jon Snow gets to know about her misadventure with princess Shireen. she was not seen in season 08 premiere, however, while speaking to Yahoo! She revealed her major return to the show. Also admitted that she’s a bit shocked about how Melisandre story ends.

Albeit, without any confirmation she revealed that her character is highly unlikely to face Cersei Lannister in the final season, but she would have liked it if they were to meet in the final season. She also revealed how saddened she is because the show is ending.


However, she said she is grateful that she got to play such an amazing and interesting role that of Melisandre. She also talked of the opportunities she got because of Game Of Thrones, not just the work she said it’s easier to get in contact with people.

She further added that every good has its endpoint, instead of being saddened by the end of it, one should try to make the end better than ever. We’re hoping that she’ll return to the show for good as she herself revealed that her character’s job is now to be the matchmaker now, bringing right people together at the right time.

That’s what we’re hoping from Malisandre now, we too want to see more of her good side, whether she’s there to revive Jon Snow Back to life or help him take down the night king. Let’s see what more good she has to offer in season 8.

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