Captain Tsubasa Episode 6 Review

Captain Tsubasa Episode 6

Captain Tsubasa episode 6 was another joyous episode. The anime is picking up pace. Before we begin with the review of the episode, let’s go through the brief summary of the previous episode. The episode was titled, “On Their Way to the Inter-School Tournament”. The episode started with Tsubasa training repeatedly for the upcoming game against the Shutetsu Elementary team. He began his training with Roberto.

Captain Tsubasa Ep 6 Review

Tsubasa and the rest of the club learns about Wakabayashi having a practice game. Tsubasa and co. head towards to the game to watch them. The team is full of great players which includes the likes of Wakabayashi, Izawa, Kisugi, Taki, Takasugi, and more.

Tsubasa gets pumped up after seeing them play. Seeing Tsubasa like that motivates Ishizaki and the others! So they start their morning training together. Now moving towards the new episode. From the previous episode, there was already the hype for the upcoming which would soon unfold. The episode is titled, “Kick-off! Nanaktasu vs Shutetsu”.

Finally, the game against Shutetsu Elementary School has begun. Both the schools competed in several events, which involved baseball, volleyball, and judo. However, the final game is football(soccer) and whosoever wins it will clinch the festival as it is the deciding game. Nankatsu come on to the field, and they are accompanied by cheers. Wakabayashi arrives late to the match, but he is very relaxed. He makes it clear that the match is contest between the two of them.

Captain Tsubasa Episode 6

However, Tsubasa doesn’t seem to be affected by it, and he responded by saying that winning the match is more important, and he will beat Wakabayashi by winning the match. So instead of taking his regular position as a striker, he places himself as a central defender in front of his own goal.

You cannot download Captain Tsubasa Episode 6 but you can watch it online on FUNimation and AnimeLab.

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