How Can Boruto Surpass Naruto?

Hey guys. Boruto is the son of Naruto and Hinata. He is currently enrolled in the Academy. Boruto is considered an elite genin. He is one of the most powerful characters of his age group. But, the question is can Boruto surpass the bar set by Naruto?

First let’s discuss where Boruto is good at. Talking about ninjutsu, Boruto is actually better than his father when it comes to ninjutsu. Do not get confused with the current Naruto, I’m talking about Naruto at the same age. Boruto is better at using ninjutsu. He was able to use merge his wind release in his Rasengan to create the vanishing Rasengan.

Boruto is better than Naruto when it comes to visual prowess. I know it’s not Naruto’s fault but still Boruto has the edge here. With his Jougan, Boruto can spot the weak spots and see the chakra flow in the opponent’s body. The Jougan can also sense negative emotions.

Next come the chakra reserves, Boruto has above average chakra reserves when we compare him to the other kids. But, Naruto at his age has 1000x more chakra reserves.

Naruto has Kurama sealed inside him that gave him more chakra reserves than anyone else. So, Boruto is beaten here.

If you take a look at all the points, Boruto is not actually far behind Naruto(same age). However, Boruto needs more chakra reserves if he has to ever come close to Naruto. Boruto also doesn’t have any six paths chakra. Naruto also has the sage mode to help him out.

I’m placing my bets on Momoshiki’s mark being key in Boruto’s power. Momoshiki said that once a person kills a God, they aren’t ordinary anymore. We don’t know in what way he meant that but it has surely riled me up.

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your opinions below.



With the beginning of the new series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” we early understood that one between Naruto and Sasuke will probably die. Although the majority of the fans think that will be Naruto to leave us all, on the contrary, I’m strongly convinced that Sasuke’s chances to die are even much higher than Naruto’s ones, and, for this reason, in my opinion Sasuke will die before Naruto.

How can I say this? Here you have the 3 main reasons which brought me to think so:

1 – Boruto’s Clothes: Of course, the first reason for which I think so can be found in the first episode of the anime: as a teenager, Boruto will stand in front of Kawaki, getting ready to fight in order to save Konoha; meanwhile, he is wearing Sasuke’s coat and he’s wielding Sasuke’s sword. We know that is a common habit to keep with us things that once belonged to someone who nowadays is dead, so, following this logic, Sasuke could have died in some way and Boruto took his coat and his sword as a memory of his master.

(Boruto is also wearing a headband, but it isn’t Sasuke’s one because Sasuke’s one was blue, while Boruto’s one is black).

2 – Sasuke’s Lifestyle: We all know that, since the end of the 4th Great Shinobi War, Sasuke started to perform from shadows in order to protect the world as a wondering ninja; we also know that many characters had already tried in the past to do things from shadows and they ended up dying. For example, Jiraya died while investigating about Pain, Itachi died after living a whole life in shadows and the same Madara and Obito, who “worked” for decades in shadows. For this reason, we can assume that Sasuke is more likely to die.

3 – The Popularity: Basing on fans’ votes and on the statistics, Sasuke is beloved by almost every Naruto fan, but, if they have to choose between him and Naruto, Naruto is highly preferred than Sasuke; for this….


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