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Call The Midwife Cast 2021 – Here is The Cast Of The Latest Episode

Call The Midwife
Call The Midwife.

Call The Midwife is a British period drama series based on the bestselling memoirs written by former nurse and memoirist Jennifer Worth. The series is distributed by BBC and created by Heidi Thomas. It first aired in the UK on January 15, 2012, and is considered one of the most-loved period dramas by BBC. It is also the latest most successful drama on BBC One since 2001. The series has been well-received by fans across the globe and consistently earned positive reviews and critical acclaim. The drama is currently airing its tenth season that started on April 18, 2021, in the UK and will be airing in the States around September.

The series is set around the late 1950s and 1960s and revolves around the lives of a group of midwives working in that era around the East End of London. The show highlights the daily lives of the midwives and their day-to-day activities, as well as the lives of the local people in the Poplar neighborhood. The series takes on contemporary social, cultural, and economic issues and brings forth several new characters and separate new storylines on each episode. As Call The Midwife is presently airing another successful new season, let us take a look at the main casting of this year as well as the guest stars of the latest episode.

Call the Midwife Episode 5 Plot Summary

The latest Call the Midwife telecast was of the fifth episode of season 10. The episode aired on May 16, 2021. The newest episode saw Sister Julienne concerned with the troubling symptoms of a toddler whose mother is also expecting. The toddler is diagnosed with a rare condition called phenylketonuria, and the case is later taken up by Dr. Patrick alongside Sister Julienne. On the other hand, the episode also focuses on teen pregnancy. Jeanette Owen is a student who finds out she is pregnant right before starting off her university life and is worried about her future. Jeanette’s overly protective mother Doris struggles to accept her daughter’s pregnancy. She starts taking decisions on her daughter’s behalf, causing much disappointment to the new Pupil Midwife Nancy.

Call the Midwife

Molly Jenkins stars as Jeanette Owen in Call the Midwife Season 10 Episode 5

Call The Midwife Cast 2021 – The Main Cast of Season 10

Call The Midwife Cast 2021 saw many actors from the series reprising their main role for the tenth season. Jenny Agutter returns as Sister Julienne, Linda Bassett as Nurse Crane, Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan, Helen George as Nurse Trixie Franklin, Fenella Woolgar as Sister Hilda, Ella Bruccoleri as Sister Frances, Laura Main as Nurse Shelagh Turner, and Leonie Elliott as Nurse Lucille Anderson. Meanwhile, Stephen McGann comes back as Dr. Patrick Turner, Max Macmillan as Timothy Turner, Edward Shaw as Teddy Turner, and Alice Brown as Angela Turner. Similarly, Zephryn Taitte is seen reprising his role as Cyril Robinson, Cliff Parisi as Fred Buckle, Annabelle Apsion as Violet Buckle, Georgie Glen as Miss Higgins, and Daniel Laurie as Reggie Jackson.

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As seen in every other season, Vanessa Redgrave appears as the Voice of Mature Jennifer Worth in Call The Midwife Season 10. Unfortunately, Jennifer Kirby, who played Nurse Valerie, did not return this season as she bid adieu to the show after playing the character for four long years. Like always, every episode of the show featured star guests appearing in new characters that visit Nonnatus House for their own respective reasons. Former Coronation Street actor Paula Lane will join the recurring cast this season along with Megan Cusak, who plays new Pupil Midwife Nancy Corrigan.

Call The Midwife Cast 2021 – Who Were The Guest Stars of Episode 5?

Call The Midwife Cast 2021 for episode 5 saw several guest stars appear on the show.

Call the Midwife

Still from Call the Midwife

The fifth episode of Call The Midwife Season 10 saw Molly Jenkins as pregnant teen Jeanette Owen and Coronation Street actor Julia Haworth as Molly’s concerned mother Doris Owen. Jake Simmance plays Jeanette’s boyfriend Glen Witton. Paula Lane continues her role from the previous episode as Vera Sands, an expectant mother with a toddler daughter who is displaying certain troubling symptoms.  Lastly, Daniel Easton takes on the role of George Sands, a loving husband to Vera Sands and Elaine’s doting father.

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