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Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: New Gameplay, Maps & Skins

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Cover Image
Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Poster

The ever-popular battle-royale/multiplayer shooter Call of Duty: Mobile is soon getting a third season. The second season, Day of Reckoning, has ended on 16th April. Talking about COD: Mobile, this game was released back in October 2019. There was a buzz of this game from late 2018, I guess. People were eagerly waiting for the game, and the game created a lot of hype. It did stand up to its hype, and it was a worthy competitor to PUBG, which was ruling the mobile gaming market during that time.

Looking at COD: Mobile Season 3, there are a lot of additions to the game like new skins, new weapons, new maps, and much more. Let’s have a look at all the new additions in detail but before that, have a look at the small announcement teaser, which was released by the publishers on their official Twitter handle.

This small teaser has revealed the theme of the new season. It will be called Tokyo Escape, so we may get new skins and weapons of the Japanese tradition maybe. Let’s find out.

New Weapons

Heading on to the new weapons straight away, there are two new weapons added to the game: a pistol and a submachine gun.

The pistol is called Renetti, and if you are a huge fan of the Call of Duty series, then you will remember this gun from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This is a great burst weapon that can be used in clutch situations—a great secondary weapon to carry along with you.

The submachine gun added to the game is none other than the PP19 Bizon. Another famous weapon from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This gun is a great weapon in close-mid range fights. So this could be a very handy weapon at the beginning of the match if you plan to land in a popular spot on the map.

Since this season’s theme is Japanese, the fans are expecting something from that region too. So everyone has placed their bets on a Katana to be released as a third and surprise weapon. There is no announcement of such kind from the developers, but the chances of this happening are very high.

New Maps

COD: Mobile is finally getting two new maps in the game. The game already has some great maps and features, and the addition of two maps just makes the game much better. The two new maps in the game are called Coastal and Oasis.

The Coastal map is like a small part of a region that is set on the coasts of a sea. So it is an urban map. There isn’t much space to hide and snipe for you. This map looks like a great place for one on one combats and nonstop action. The developers also tweeted a 30-second long video that shows the different places on the map. Have a look at it.

The Oasis map is set to be a map in the Middle-East region. There is no video for Oasis, like the Coastal map. It is rumored that the map may be taken from any famous COD game. Here is a tweet made by the developers regarding Oasis.

You can go here to find out more about the new reward and skins in more detail.

A new Zombie Mode?

There were rumors of a new Zombie mode coming into the game. The rumor came straight out when a zombie game mode was spotted in the Chinese version of the game. Initially, there was a Zombie mode, but it got removed due to not reaching the expectations. But fans now want a zombie mode, and COD: Mobile developers released an official statement regarding this matter.

They said that the Chinese version of this game had got a brand new Zombie map called Shi No Numa. For the rest of the world, though, there isn’t anything yet. They said that they are working on something, so hold tight. Maybe in this season, the zombie mode will make a surprise entry and stun everyone.

Call of Duty Zombie Poster

A Game character killing Zombies with a Shotgun

Major features like this tend to leak before the release, though, but we are not sure at the moment if we will get the zombie mode in this season or not. So all you can do is wait till it arrives.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Release Date

The new season has already been released. The second season ended on 16th April, and the new season launched straight away on the next day on 17th April. Head on to your Play Store App and download this action fps multiplayer game, and enjoy this boring pandemic with them.

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