Call of Duty: Mobile Finally Announced A Fresh Miami Map!

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Call of Duty Mobile Finally Announced Miami Map
Call of Duty Mobile Finally Announced Miami Map

The developers of mobile shooter Call of Duty: Mobile finally announced the Miami map! That’s right, season three’s map release was quite a shocker for everybody, and the æsthetics of this Ocean Drive-inspired map —palm trees included— will bring all the lethality of COD: Mobile to the Sunshine state.

Beginning on March 30, all COD: Mobile users are able to play against each other in this beautifully designed map and test their skills, as well as start trying out the best hideouts for snipers as well as for the cool drops for the game. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at what the map has to offer!

Call of Duty Mobile Finally Announced Miami Map
The inside of a hotel of the Miami Strike Map

When Is The COD: Mobile Miami Map Release Date?

The COD: Mobile Miami Map release date was on March 30, 2022, at 17:00 hrs Pacific Time. And it’s part of the season three “radical raid”. Additionally, if you played Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, you might remember this Ocean Drive map. But this is a smaller version, adapted for the mobile. If you check out the trailer, you will see it in full detail and realize just how similar it is to its big brother from Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Mobile Miami Map Trailer

What Is The Official Name of The COD: Mobile Miami Map?

The official name of the COD: Mobile Miami map is “Miami Strike”. Also, in this map,  layers will have the opportunity to engage in more close-quarter battles and fast-paced combat on this map than they could on the original Miami. In addition to this, Radical Raid, the next season, will feature a battle pass, weapon, Ranked Series, and a slew of other improvements.

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Call of Duty Mobile Finally Announced Miami Map
The Ocean Drive-inspired map is called Miami Strike and brings you 1980’s æsthetics

Sniper Friendly Territory!

Though the map’s small close-quarters does make it a fertile ground for intense SMG, pistol, and shotgun confrontations. Heavy sniper-friendly spots are available on this map! Those who are fans of hiding away and patiently sending death from afar to their rivals will enjoy the several angles available in the art deco architecture of the Ocean Drive map.

Also, Search and Destroy mode is one sure cool mode to play on this Miami Strike map! With all those low and really high gaps, the hotel lobbies, stairwells, and open roads, your skills will be put to the test. One moment too soon or too early and you’ll be waiting to respawn. Now, let’s take a look at the crazy banana gun that the battle pass has to offer!


The MAC-10 SMG is the latest weapon to be added to Call of Duty: Mobile. To get this, you’ll need to reach Battle Pass tier 21 (free). When used in close quarters battles, the weapon fires quickly and effectively. On the Miami Strike map, it has the potential to be a useful weapon.

Additionally, this season’s battle pass will have a new Reactor Core Operator Skill, which can be unlocked at tier 14. The specifics of this operator competence have not yet been released. On the Mainland China version of CoD: Mobile, the footage shows that a protective zone will be generated in and around the player, and foes who enter it will receive a lot of damage.

Call of Duty Mobile Finally Annouced Miami Map
You’re not seeing wrong, that’s correct the MAC-10 SMG has a banana in it, and the damage is bananas!

What Are the Season 3 Radical Raid Battle Pass Rewards?

The Radical Raid update brings you a cool new battle pass to make your way through. And it has beautiful 1980s æsthetics that include four epic characters —Killgore, Park Glam, Gunzo Clownping, and American Bulldog Chrome Dome—, 5 epic guns — the Kilo 141 Hair Metal, the Mac 10 Banana Blaster as seen above, the DLQ33 space captain, the R9.0 Far Frontier, and the HBRA3 Jaguar 3000. With this information, we reach the end of this Call of Duty: Mobile article update. Thanks for reading it and please share it with your friends on social media. Please keep coming back for more daily updates on all things entertainment and see you soon!

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