Bull Helps A Grieving Mother Who Seeks Justice For Her Son In Bull Season 6 Episode 9

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Spoilers and Release Date For Bull Season 6 Episode 9
From Bull Season 6 Episode 8 Featuring Jason Bull and Chunk

Bull Season 6 Episode 9 returns after the holidays with a case that saw a man being shot after a computer program misidentifies him as a criminal. Amidst all of this, one of the Bull’s best colleagues is considering an offer from a rival company. Are we saying goodbye to someone dear? Well, season 6 of Bull had a lot to handle for the team. From Bull’s daughter getting kidnapped to Bull being charged for bribing a juror. They got through all of them and this only saw Bull taking more chances.

So, Bull took such on the occasion of Christmas Week. They were helping an agent who was accused of overdosing on her athlete which led to a death. The agent went on to admit that yes, she did give her drugs. But, she was forced to do this on the orders of her boss. Was boss really the man behind this? But after all, the agent was giving the drugs in the first place. Here is a look at how Bull and Chunk went on to help their client.

Bull Season 6 Episode 8 Recap

It was Christmas, but Bull and Chunk found themselves helping Clara. A former athlete turned agent who worked for a tennis star named Dasha Markovic died off a drug overdose. Clara admits she gave her cocaine but she didn’t know about the presence of fentanyl in it. On top of it, her boss Lance Thomas made it clear if he doesn’t give Dasha what she wants, he will fire her. He literally told Clara which dealer she should go to and get drugs for Dasha. So her boss wasn’t good but she didn’t want to quit because she wanted to help athletes after the tragic end of her career.

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Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Bull Season 6 Episode 9
From Bull Season 6 Episode 8 Featuring Chunk and Robert

Bull is planning to use Christmas for this case as the court is not likely not to convict. If the case wasn’t enough, Chunk was going up against his former nemesis Robert Jones back from his college days. That time he lost but this time Bull wants to flip the results. Meanwhile, Danny tries to talk to former employees of Lance Thomas to have them talk about how bad he treated them. Robert on his side bought Dasha’s best friend Miss Kiernan who confessed it was Clara who gave her drugs. Chunk responded by getting answers on Dasha’s demand for cocaine.

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Lance Thomas came to speak as well lying that he told Clara to give her drugs. Chunk grilled him and stated the facts such as how he pulled Dasha from rehab. Robert later presented a video that saw Clara herself taking drugs in the past. Although the court wanted to wrap up the case for Christmas, a blizzard had hit the city. So they continued. Clara admitted she is there in that video and she had worked really hard her whole life. For once, she tried that cocaine.

Ending For Bull Season 6 Episode 8
From Bull Season 6 Episode 8 Featuring Bull, Chunk, Pastor Reynolds, and Clara

Bull and Chunk came to a plan to ask for a plea so they can stall to get the hold of the case. Danny came with the news after talking to the dealer suggesting he tests stuff before selling. Someone added Fentanyl later on. Bull suspected Miss Kiernan who was in the same room that night. Chunk grilled her as she was the only one with her in the room that night when Clara delivered the cocaine which had no fentanyl. The episode closed with the Jury ruling Clara is not guilty on the charge of negligent manslaughter. With blizzard hitting the city, some managed to make it to their family while some stayed for Christmas.

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Bull Season 6 Episode 9 Release Date & Spoilers

Bull Season 6 Episode 9 is releasing on 6 January 2022. It is titled, “False Positive”. The official synopsis of the episode suggests the team will be helping a grieving mother who saw her son being shot. She sues the developers of a computer program that misidentified her son as a criminal. As this case carries on, things aren’t that great on Bull’s team. Marissa is considering a job from a rival company and Bull isn’t really happy about it.


Bull Season 6 Episode 9 Release Time & Streaming Details

Bull Season 6 Episode 9 is airing on CBS at 10:00 pm ET in the United States and at the same time in Canada on GlobalTV only. Episode 9 returns after a fall break, from there on you can see new episodes for Bull Season 6 every Thursday. Also, Video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Microsoft Store, YouTube TV, and iTunes also offer ‘Bull’Season 6 Episode 9 to buy or rent.

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