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BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK Episode 2: Release Date, Watch Preview & Spoilers


The girl who wished for miracles to happens and thinks about diving into a grueling battle begins with BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK Episode 2 with the narrations of the story of that girl. BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK has recently made its debut, revealing the tale of a mysterious girl. We saw a boy waking up in a mysterious land on top of the flower from the latest BUILD-DIVIDE- CODE BLACK Episode. The boy wonders where he is. Meanwhile, a monster man talked about the King at the highest building, which needed a new creature. That monster casts a spell, and something falls from the sky.

Also, another blonde guy wakes up and asks the beast-man if they are starting up again. On the other side, the girls appeared to receive messages about Rebuild notifications. That for declaring anyone’s participation by nightfall and taking a week from this day. There are also some rules to that event, but most people tend to ignore them, and the girl is one of those who ignored the rules. She seems to think that the rules are not important. Later in the middle of nowhere, we saw the girl getting chased by a punk who wanted to defeat her on a one-on-one.

The punk feels humiliated that she started the battle and embarrassed him, but she is running away. On the way, the girl got blasted by some powers by using the shield to block that attack. The two encounter a boy coming from the bread store, and that boy catches the girl before she hits the ground. The punk stepped on top of the boy’s bread and broke it into pieces. The boy picks up that bread and realizes that people are starving, but this idiot is wasting food.

Previously on BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK Episode 1

We saw the trio exchanging few words, but the punk got cocky and wielded his three-star blade aiming to cut the boy. The boy comments that the bread is crying, and the punks want to punish him for that. Surprisingly the boy uses a card that has the power to cut the blade. The punk was left surprised, holding on to a broken blade. It was later revealed that the boy posses overwhelming powers that summoned a skeleton ghost holding a gigantic blade to punish that punk.



It was expected for the punk to run away after seeing such scary things. But that beast ate the punk and left only his head. The punk died while crying. Only the girl and boy appeared to be left on the scene. The girl seems to have a lot of questions about this mysterious boy. The girl talked about buying new bread for the boy since the boy wanted to eat that rotten bread. But the boy seemed not to care and share the bread with a pigeon. The girl decided to stay with him for a while learning new things from him.

The two sit near the pack on the bench, but the boy is surprised to see that the girl is still with him. The girl has learned that the boy is a formidable player. But it was revealed that the boy knew nothing about the card in his possessions. The girl uses her eye powers and discovers that the boy has recently arrived here and decides to teach him about Build-Dive. Later the girls talked about the city that is ruled but the King and the wishes they need to be granted. In the meantime, the girl decided to show the boy how they battle around with the Dealer assisting here.

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BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK Episode 2 Release Date

BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK Episode 2 will be released on 17 October 2021. That is how BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK ended with the battle between two humans who know nothing about each other’s background. During their battle, the girl showed cards with the mysterious powers Build-Dive and had the Dealer registered the boy. Let’s look at BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK Episode 2 official streaming details and other updates below.



Watch BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK Episode 2 online on Funimation & Crunchyroll on Sunday at 12:30 AM JST. Those who are not using JST and are not in Japan can watch this online on BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK Episode 2 on ANIPLUS & VRV via Crunchyroll. BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK will announce the official details about Sub and Dub soon. Let’s meet when BUILD-DIVIDE – CODE BLACK Episode 2 releases.

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