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BTS’s Jin New Selca Steals Hearts Of All – Producers, DJ, Fans and Trend Worldwide

Jin cr: HYBE Labels

Were you overwhelmed when Jin had posted new selcas on Twitter today? Well, your answer would most probably be yes. Kim Seokjin, although being more frequent than Taehyung on Weverse, was absent from Twitter for so long. Due to that, fans were happy when Jin had finally updated on BTS’s official Twitter account. Fans became more pleased when Hobi had also posted a selca of himself in his blonde hair. BTS trending is no unusual thing nowadays. When you have talent, loving fans, and a face like Kim Seokjin, then you would probably trend every day.

Jin, aka Worldwide Handsome, is the eldest member of the mega-popular group ‘BTS’. He is the visual and vocalist of the group.  Jin has beautiful and melodious vocals. His solo song Moon is the most-liked and the most charting solo song of 2020 by charting the melon charts for 233 days. Besides his talent, he is blessed with such a beautiful face. When you take a look at Jin’s face you might see what all the talk is about. In fact, it is scientifically proven that Jin has a perfectly symmetrical face. He has a beautiful oval-shaped face and an amazing aura about him. Besides being very handsome he is talented as well.

BTS’s Jin New Selcas Steals Hearts Of All

As already mentioned, Jin had stolen hearts when he tweeted with these selcas earlier today-

Behold the power of Kim Seokjin’s unbelievable beauty. Jin could be seen showing off his ethereal face in this tweet. He has worn a shirt and is rocking his brown mullet hair. This made fans go crazy and in just 10 minutes, #Kim Seokjin started trending worldwide in the tenth place. And, after forty-five minutes, he started trending on #5 in seventeen countries. Fans are not ready to believe that he is real. And since he has posted his fans are showing their reactions which are relatable and fun like those below-

Now, this is where things get suspicious and fishy. Many radio stations and famous DJs have retweeted only Jin’s concept clip for BTS’s upcoming single ‘Butter’. DJs like JJ Ryan, Jenna Andrews, and Hani Fadzil have excitedly retweeted Jin’s concept clip. And, radio stations like Y100 Miami, iHeart Radio, amazon music, and more have retweeted only Jin’s concept clip. It is not a bad thing but has left fans suspecting that Jin might have a high note or maybe even a solo coming soon. Although they don’t want anyone’s hope to be broken their fingers are crossed.

More suspecting, nervousness, and tensions rising up….. Army detective mode has been activated.

Jin’s concept clip has been retweeted by these radio stations, DJs, amazon, and Facebook. All of this has got fans thinking that either there is something big coming up or that their bias in BTS’s the one and only Kim Seokjin. Fan’s have been thinking whether he will get more screen time this comeback. Just to sum up the whole thing, fans are extremely excited and can’t wait for BTS’s comeback on the 21st of May.

Why You Should Love Jin

Jin cr: HYBE Labels

Jin is a very lovable and genuine person. Fans love his derpy personality and his bewitching laugh. He has made us laugh so hard on Run BTS episodes that we were rolling on the floor. Due to his fun personality, he could be mistaken as the group’s maknae, that is why their fans call him the fake maknae. Jin is a loving, caring hyung, he tried to bond with the members so they wouldn’t take him as a boring elder brother. He always takes care of the members as he is the eldest. Plus, he is handsome and adorable at the same time. Jin is a hard worker. He doesn’t let the fact that he can’t dance as great as the dance line get through him, he practices hard and does great performances for us.

Just to sum it up, he is a kind and loving person. A person who has worked hard his whole life. He literally wanted to become a trainee so that his mother would be proud of him. He deserves all our respect and love!!

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I am Aliza Siddiqui and I am from Lucknow. I contribute to the company by writing engaging articles based on Kdrama and Kpop culture. You can contact me at

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