BTS V Trends With ‘V is The Vibe’ After His Instagram Debut

BTS V trends on twitter

After BTS members made their grand debut on Instagram, BTS Army has tracked their lives even better than before. All the seven members are already enjoying their fandom with millions of followers already. BTS V or Kim Tae Hyung is no less. The vocalist already has 20 plus million followers on the platform, and he is constantly updating fans with never-seen pictures. However, it looks like even the megastar V can get confused at times. After their arrival, V and the others tried all possible social media features. But, even the pop sensations can get confused.

BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan made their Instagram debut with separate accounts a couple of days ago. Things haven’t been the same ever since. BTS ARMY and the BTS members are now extra active on the social application. Also, it’s easier for the fans to keep track of BTS’ quarantine schedule now.

V stood out among all the seven teammates. The Sweet Night singer gained the eye of millions of followers in a few minutes. Plus, he accidentally followed BLACKPINK’s Jennie raising eyebrows. The singer, however, quickly rectified his mistake.

BTS V Trends OnTwitter After His IG Debut

As mentioned above, V or Kim Taehyung stole the spotlight and all the followers as soon as he stepped into the Instagram world. The singer attracted all his fans at once. Nevertheless, his IG popularity also became the reason for his new Twitter trend. After a series of pictures shared by V on the social platform, fans started trending ‘V is The Vibe’ on Twitter.

BTS V trends on Twitter
image cr: V’s Instagram Account

It looks like V was having difficulty understanding the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of IG. But, his charm was enough to turn him into a vibe himself.

The BTS singer also posted a chilling video of himself in Hawai as he drives a mustang while singing an unreleased music track. Fans speculate the song is written for ARMYs. Anyway, one thing is clear: V and the other BTS members are now the vibes of IG. Follow them to get an insight into their daily lives.

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