BTS V Sets Record for Social Media Reactions, First Asian Who Has 4 Posts On Instagram With Over 17 Million Likes

BTS V Instagram

Kim Taehyung aka BTS V has done it again. Whether it’s music or being the most popular South Korean singer, the BTS member always makes sure to be at the top. BTS V is now the first Asian to have multiple posts with over 17 Million likes on his Instagram posts. The list also includes Billie Eilish, Christiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. Not so surprisingly, Kim Taehyung has joined the three superstars.

BTS members are no strangers to breaking global records with their music. All the seven members frequently gain titles for their unmatched talent and popularity. Another record is set by BTS V, who has become the first Asian to have 4 posts with 17 Million plus likes. The BTS Army and Taehyung fans are already rejoicing with the news.

Recently, BTS V stole the limelight with his song “Christmas Tree,” making records worldwide.

BTS V Becomes The First Asian With Multiple Posts On Instagram With 17 Million Likes

He has done it again. From becoming one of the best Korean soloists to being the most handsome man, BTS V keeps on stealing our hearts and world-class titles. He has now joined Lionel Messi, Billie Eilish, and Christiano Ronaldo on the list of only people with 4 Instagram posts with 17 Million likes. Moreover, he is the first Asian and second Artist to do so.

V’s Instagram updates are always in the limelight. The Sweet Night singer amazes fans with his witty IG stories and appealing posts. His recent success is more appreciated since V, and other BTS joined Instagram just a month ago (in December).

BTS V Instagram
BTS V with Yeontan (cr: Naver/Dispatch)

Taehyung frequently shares a glimpse of himself, his beloved and equally popular pet (Kim Yeontan), and the arts he adores. One of the posts with 17 Million and counting likes features Kim Yeontan. Check out the entire feed of Kim Taehyung’s IG account here. 

Fans are cheering on Taehyung, and wish for him to become the only person to have most posts with more than 17 Million likes. Anyway, with the love of the BTS Army and his popularity, the singer will achieve the benchmark soon.

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