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BTS Sitcom ‘Friends Must Fly Out’ Release Date: What Do We Know So Far

BTS Friends must fly out release date

BTS ARMY is excited to know that BTS is coming up with a Sitcom television series, ‘Friends Must Fly out.’ For the unacquainted, BTS is recognized as the BangtanBoys. It is a group of seven boys from South Korea that was formed in 2010. However, the group debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment with their single album 2 Cool 4 Skool. They are known for releasing several impressive tracks after their debut, making them a worldwide sensation. Initially, their lyrics often focussed on social issues, mental health, and some Psychological theories.

Since their debut, the band has been evolved to create tracks on various genres. Lotte Duty-Free declared that the series would be released on separate dates for South Korean viewers and international fans. Lotte Duty-free shop is a shopping complex that provides a wide range of products to the customers. They have also collaborated with the BTS band as local retailers. Also, they organize events such as concerts, fan meetings, and magazines. So, it is not a surprise to know that they created the Sitcom in collaboration with BTS.

ARMY worldwide is surprised to know that the famous K-Pop stars are coming with their own Sitcom, and they are definitely losing their minds.

In 2013, when BTS boys came up with their debut music video, ‘No More Dream.’ As in 2021, they have earned a huge fan following. Also, their influence is so massive that the President of South Korea has appointed them to represent the country at the United Nations General Assembly this month. The boys are right here with their Sitcom right after BTS’s’ mega ‘Butter Thee’ remix with Megan Thee Stallion.

Today, you will get to know about the release date and where to watch the Sitcom online.

BTS Friends must fly out release date

BTS Lotte-Free Photoshoot 2020

What Is The BTS Sitcom About?

Well, what is a Sitcom? It’s a situation-based comedy series with a fixed number of characters carried from episode to episode. But, in the case of BTS Sitcom, it won’t be a television series. It will be a Sitcom style Commercial. The boys will be seeing promoting Lotte products through funny mischances and circumstances with the artificial recorded laughter from the background. About a month ago, they launched a similar Sitcom, ‘Smile.’ These Sitcoms are neither a movie nor a television show. In fact, these are the Sitcom commercials that will be shown in the theatres before a film begins. Currently, the news about the upcoming Sitcom is trending on Twitter. Fans hope that the forthcoming commercial will be a little longer than the ‘Smile’ that lasted for 1 minute 57 seconds.

Also, this is not the first time BTS is coming together to act in a sitcom. Previously, the group shot a sitcom episode for their variety show, “Run BTS.” And of course, every second of the episode was a blessing for the fans, so you could understand why everyone is excited for ‘Friends Must Fly out.’

Friends Must Fly Out: Teaser

On June 14, 2021, Lotte Duty-free released a small teaser of the Sitcom.

After RM says, “I want to go on a trip,” the boys plan to organize a trip. However, after watching the Sitcom, we will figure out if they will actually be able to leave for the trip because of all the confusion. Well, if you’re wondering what the teaser for the Sitcom looks like, here you go.

Friends Must Fly Out: Release date Explained

On August 31, Lotte Duty-Free announced the release date through an Instagram post. BTS’s new Sitcom will have two release dates. For the local South Korean viewers, it will get released on September 9 at Lotte Cinema. However, for the International viewers, it will be released after one week on September 16. So, global fans will have to wait a little longer to experience the brilliance of the upcoming show.

Friends Must Fly Out: Where To Watch

In case you are not able to catch the Sitcom at Lotte Cinema, you’d be delighted to know that the global audience can watch BTS’ sitcom “Friends Must Fly Out” on the Lotte Duty-free SNS Social Media channel. However, you’d have to wait until September 16 for the Sitcom to become available on the channel.

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