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BTS’s Jungkook, The ‘Sold Out King’ Makes TEAZEN Sell The Ownership

BTS Jungkook
BTS Jungkook

It is no surprise that whenever Jeon Jung kook uses something, it is sold out the next day. Whether the commodity cost a dollar or a thousand dollar, it doesn’t matter. Thus, calling Jungkook BTS’s golden Maknae won’t be wrong. The young star has done it again, but this time it’s a whole company. Yes, Euphoria singer has managed to help shareholders to sell their shares and ownership due to his popularity. In February, Jungkook did a Vlive for the fans, where he mentioned and showed his TEAZEN Kombucha tea. That was enough for the Armys all around the world to know, and within a couple of days, its sales skyrocketed. And now, Jungkook, the “Sold Out King” has struck again.

Previously, South Korea’s P&G supplier, KCI‘s share price rose by 11% after 2-month’s worth of Downy’s quantity was sold in a single day. Jungkook once told fans that he like the Downy detergent, and soon the fans rushed to buy it. Not only big companies, but Jungkook has also helped the small enterprises to get into the light. Modernized Hanbok collection from the company,  Zijangsa started getting recognization after he was seen wearing clothes from them.

Jungkook definitely has the strongest influential power in the nation. At the age of 24 (Korean age), he has achieved many accolades, and this is one of them. Jungkook is a South Korean singer and is a member of the Kpop boyband, BTS.

Jungkook Sold Out King – TEAZEN

The Korea Economic Daily Global edition revealed that the majority of the shareholders of South Korea’s TEAZEN Co. are thinking about selling thier ownership of the company. As Jungkook previously revealed that he is a frequent buyer of the product, the shareholders are getting multiple offers from potential buyers.

Earlier, after Jungkook’s Vlive, TEAZEN revealed that the sales of the Kombucha Product had risen 500% in the first week of March compared to the previous week. TEAZEN also posted a thank-you message online on Instagram to thank the youngest BTS member.

In March, TEAZEN disclosed that their exports have risen by 800% compared to the last months. Japan, China, and United States were the biggest importers of the product. The news around Teazen kept making headlines, later, it was revealed that sales in China were increased by 1800%.  Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mongolia are also on the list of biggest importers.

And that’s not it. As if increasing sales was not enough, Jungkook succeeded in making the Kombucha drink a trend, both in South Korea and Singapore. Singapore’s  Shopee Singapore tweeted, “Tried #JUNGKOOK’s Teazen Kombucha Powder yet? This week’s trending food item is Kombucha! 🤩 If not, what are you waiting for?!” However, in South Korea, Costco Korea put a limit on TEAZEN’s Kombucha lemon powder. The members were allowed to buy only a single packet.

Many South Korean newspapers and media outlets have covered Jungkook’s influence and how he has helped small businesses to grow.

List of Things Jungkook has Sold Out.

Teazen’s Kombucha lemon powder is not the only thing Jungkook has sold out. The iconic Prada Combat boots that Jungkook wears were sold out after he wore them in a BTS meet. The boots cost a whopping $1200, and then Armys say that they are broke. Next in line is the gray shirt by Trunk Project. He wore it in a Run BTS episode, and within 12 hours, the T-shirt was sold out.

BTS Jungkook

BTS Jungkook sold out Prada Combat Boots

The KATE CC LIP Cream or the lip balm used by Jungkook in a Bangtan bomb was sold out on every possible website. Even though the makeup artist covered the whole product with her hand, Armys managed to find out about it. After the Trunk Project T-shirt, Jungkook also sold out Balenciaga’s classic black T-shirt. He has worn it several times on camera, and after watching thier favorite artist wear it, the Armys sold out the $300 shirt. It was neither available on the company’s website nor on any other retail stores.

BTS Jungkook

Image from the Trunk Project’s official website

Other products include a toothbrush, Elvis Presley glasses, a detergent, and let’s see what happens in the future.

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