BTS’s J-Hope and Actress Bae Suzy Make Donations on The Event Of Children’s Day

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BTS J-hope and Bae Suzy
BTS J-hope and Bae Suzy make donations on Children's Day

May 5 is celebrated as Children’s Day in South Korea, a national holiday. While the children were happy to celebrate their day, idols J-hope and Suzy made sure that all children feel the same way. BTS’s rapper and main dancer, J-hope donated 100 million won for the welfare of children. On the other hand, idol turned actress Bae Suzy also donated 100 million won for the less fortunate kids. The two have been earning good words from the netizens and are being praised for their thoughtful and meaningful donations. Moreover, J-Hope has been donating to various charities for a long time now. Same with Suzy, the actress annually donate and help the people in need.

On May 4, Suzy’s agency announced the news. Meanwhile, Child Fund Korea announced J-hope’s contribution to the well-being of children. The duo has found the best way to celebrate the occasion of Children’s day. And their fans can’t be more proud.

Suzy is known for being an idol, and popular actress in the country. She is also called the nation’s first love. It is because of her cute personality and pretty face. She is known for being a member of the Kpop girl group, Miss A, and for her shows such as Vegabond and Start-Up. As per rumors, she will also star in an Indian movie soon.

J-Hope is a South Korean singer, dancer, and rapper. The Kpop idol is a member of the Boy group, BTS. Also, he is widely famous for his cheering, lively, and shinning personality. He called himself Hope, and we can’t agree more.

 Bae Suzy Make Donation On Children Day

On May 4, Suzy’s agency Management SOOP confirmed that the idol-turned-actress has made a 100 million won (approximately $89,200) donation. She made it to the Happy Sharing Taekwondo Federation in light of Children’s Day. The money will be used to help the poor children in orphanages and young adults who have no source of protection. Suzy is known for making frequent donations. And not only to suffering children, but she donates money for different causes. This includes aiding child cancer patients, low-income families, COVID-19 efforts, and patients of incurable diseases.

BTS J-hope and Bae Suzy

As a result of her deeds, she was established into the Honor Society recognized by the Community Chest of Korea in 2015. People who donate more than 100 Million won became a part of this organization.

We hope the actress continues doing good work. Also, we hope to see her soon in a new drama.

BTS’s J-Hope Donates 100 million won to Children – And other help

Jung Ho-Seok or J-Hope is also known for helping kids by making several donations. He donated 100 Million won to ChildFund Korea, a child development organization. The organization announced, In light of Children’s Day, J-Hope donated 100 million won for the support of children in Tanzania exposed to violence.”  They also shared that the funds will go to the recently launched One-Stop Center. It is a support system set up for the prevention of violence against children in Tanzania.

The center is opened by ChildFund to provide help, treatment, assistance in filing reports, and aid to the suffering children.

Earlier, J-Hope was praised by ChildFund Korea as a member of the Green Noble Club in 2018 for making donations of more than 100 million won. Last year, he donated 100 million won for the children suffering due to COVID-19. And then, in February, he donated 150 million won (approximately $133,800) for his birthday.

BTS J-hope and Bae Suzy

Earlier, J-Hope commented that many people are suffering because of COVID-19, and he wants to help the children overseas after providing support to children in his country. He hopes that it would be wonderful if he could share warmth in the nooks of the world.

Even the chairman of ChildFund Korea commented on J-Hope’s support. He said that regular support from the global star helps in influencing. And raising awareness of children suffering from economic difficulties.

The organization will do its best to uphold the intentions of all donors, including J-hope. To help kids domestically and internationally, the chairman said.

Until then, keep reading and we will make sure to keep you updated with news of your favorite stars.

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