BTS India Interview Date and Time, BTS Speaking Hindi in The Teaser

BTS India interview date

BTS’s India Interview is causing havoc among the Indian Army. The fans are eagerly waiting for the interview to drop on the screens as soon as possible. Due to certain reasons and obviously, pandemic, BTS has never been able to visit India. However, they do support the Indian Army by sharing sweet messages. And now, they are going to have an exclusive interview with Sakshama Srivastava, who is a famous interviewer based in India. The BTS India Interview will be thier second, however, the fans are more excited for this one. Moreover, the septet will deliver a cute message in Hindi to the Indian Army. So are you excited?

BTS India Interview date and time is currently the only thing the Indian Army is looking for on the search engine. The teaser uploaded by Zoom India is also making them curious. The teaser looks fun, filled with laughter, and the boys speaking Hindi. It will be a first.

BTS India interview date

A few days ago, BTS shared a message with the Indian Armys, where they showed thier support for the country. They had an email interview with PTI. And in the end, member V shared,  “Our prayers are with India. Stay strong ARMY and let’s never lose hope.”

The Biggest boyband had released thier new single Butter, and currently, they are engaged with interviews and events. BTS will be talking with Sakshama regarding thier music, what they have been up to, and more.

BTS’s India Interview Date and Time

The BTS Zoom India Interview will take place on June 5, 2021, on Times Now and Times Now World at 3:30 PM (IST). Meanwhile, it will telecast on Zoom, Movies Now, MNX, Romedy Now, and MN+ at 4:30 pm (IST). The interview will also a repeat telecast on June 6, 2021. You can get more information on Zoom’s Youtube channel. 

Zoom’s Youtube channel has also posted a fun teaser, which is actually teasing the Indian Army. In the teaser, we can see the septet greeting everyone humbly with a Namastay (Indian way to say Hello). The interviewer also gets them to say a sentence in Hindi. And now it is trending all over India. The members say “Indian BTS Army, app humare dil mein rehte hai,” which translates to “Indian BTS Army, you live in our hearts.”

Moreover, we see V (Taehyung) goofing around, and Jungkook getting shy and hiding his ears with his hands. In brief, the teaser was fluffing and felt heartwarming to the Armys. BTS doing an interview is no big deal. However, they have rarely made appearances in Indian Interviews. The upcoming one will be thier second, which will telecast on eight channels.

So, let’s start the countdown and mark the date on your calendars. 5th June is the day!

Sakshama Srivastava is a popular interviewer in India. With her huge interest in Kpop, she has managed to bring groups like TXT (Hybe Labels) and TRI.BE (TR Entertainment) to India, virtually. Also, she is a TV host and ex-Miss India Finalist.

You can watch the teaser here:

BTS Future Projects and More

BTS is a seven-member Kpop Boyband from South Korea. The septet- RM, Seok Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are currently working on new music recently. They have just released thier new digital single, Butter. Furthermore, they released Butter “Hotter” version a day ago on May 28.

BTS Butter Hotter Remix: The Septet Drops A ‘Goofy’ Hotter Version Of The New Single

These days, they are also busy breaking records with Butter. Thier new English single is topping charts and hearts. It currently stands at #3 on Billboard UK Hot 100. Butter is also the first song to reach 100 million streams in just 8 days.

BTS India interview date

They won big at BBMAs taking away four awards. Also, they won the biggest fandom award at iHeart Radio Awards. The love between them and Army is unconditional.

BTS and BTS Army will continue to enjoy as BTS Festa 2021 is approaching too. The boyband is will hold a two-day event to celebrate thier debut anniversary. The complete schedule is released, you can check it here. 

It’s okay to say that along with BTS, Armys also have a tight schedule this June.

Until then, keep reading and stay tuned!