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BTS’s Dynamite – Fastest K-pop Video To Reach A Billion Views

BillBoard Music Awards 2020
BTS performing Dynamite at Billboard Music Awards 2020 (Credit: HYBE Labels)

“Dynamite” by BTS is the fastest video to reach a billion views on Youtube. Dynamite is a Disco-pop track inspired by 1970s-80s music, dance, style, and fashion.  The video was released during the Covid-19 lockdown. The music video was BTS’s first complete English track, which made it special for the group. This song became a huge hit across the world, bringing color to the lives of people who were struggling during the pandemic.

BTS ( aka Bangtan Sonyeondan) is a South Korean K-pop boy group. The group has completed 7 years together. During their career, they have earned worldwide recognition and fame.  BTS broke many records as an Asian boy group at big platforms such as Billboards and Grammys.

Dynamite: K-pop video

Dynamite is a disco-pop track by the K-pop boy group, which has reached 1 Billion views within 7 months. This is the first music video from the k-pop industry that has achieved this milestone. This song was released on August 21, 202o. This is also the first complete English track from BTS, which has brought a huge wave not just in the K-pop industry but also in Hollywood and all across the West.


This is not the only milestone achieved by the song; the song has achieved many more milestones. Dynamite reached over 100M views within 24 hours of release being the fastest K-pop group to do so.

The English track Dynamite brought the group a huge list of awards, both Korean as well as international awards. The song even made the group get nominated to the Grammy Awards as well as they got to perform their own song at the Grammys for the first time.

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Making of Dynamite

Dynamite was a sudden endeavor by the group to spark joy amidst the gloomy pandemic days. There was no prior planning of a song release. BTS had released their album “Map of the Soul 7” at the beginning of the year 2020 before COVID set in. The group had planned to have a world tour and concerts all across the world themed around their album “Map of the Soul 7”. Covid -19 pandemic got concerts canceled worldwide, and all the artists all over the wall got stuck within their houses.

All the creative endeavors got stopped because of the pandemic. However, the group got time to themselves after a long time. They tried to keep their creativity alive, as a result of which they came up with the song “Dynamite.”The song was meant to bring happiness and bright light to the lives of many and was successful in doing so. The lyrics “Shining through the city with a little funk and soul, light it up like a Dynamite!” itself brings joy.

It was difficult writing and singing the song. BTS being a Korean group, most of the members are not very comfortable with the language English as it is not their native language. Apart from the team leader RM, the other members face a certain level of difficulty with complex English. They can understand and speak in conversational English but still, writing a complete English song was a challenge. BTS overcame the challenge and made the video, making it one of the most successful songs in their entire music career.

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Dynamite Wave all across the world

Dynamite pays homage to Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, 70s pop culture, 80s era moves, and 60s British rock such as Beatles. It also has elements of 90s Nirvana as well as elements from various other western pop culture. The song has brought a huge wave across the west and contributes to the billion-dollar music industry in the west. Dynamite has brought attention to K-pop groups and the worldwide advent of K-pops.

Hollywood celebrities singing Dynamite

Tom Holland singing Dynamite with many other Hollywood stars

One can hear non-K-pop enthusiasts sing and listen to Dynamite on repeat. There are many cover videos from many Western Youtube channels. There are even videos on Youtube where one can see famous Hollywood celebrities singing Dynamite. Dynamite helped BTS get recognition as an Asian group belonging to a different geographic area and culture. Yet this song united the globe.

Dynamite has gotten many audiences interested in Korean culture and K-pop in general. Earlier also, various BTS songs such as “IDOL” and “Daechwita” have brought attention to traditional Korean culture. The hashtag
#hanbok got trending all across the world.

Achievements by the song “Dynamite.”

BTS performing Dynamite AGT

Dynamite Performance by BTS at America’s Got Talent (Credit: HYBE Labels)

The latest achievement is that Dynamite is the fastest K-pop video to reach 1 billion views only within 7 months. Dynamite has been on the Billboard Top 10 for months. The song Dynamite also got the top position on Billboard Top 10 for weeks. This was followed by “Life Goes On,” a complete Korean track by BTS to be on Billboard top 10. Dynamite got the No. 1 position in Itunes as well as Spotify. The song received a Guinness World Record for its fastest views. Dynamite got 600 plays on U.S. Radios within 24 hours of release.

Dynamite was the fastest video to reach 100M views within 24 hours, and it was also the fastest video to reach 700M views on Youtube. BTS has won MTV Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Multiple Mnet Awards, certain regional awards such as one in France, Awards from KBS, and more. Dynamite brought 1.4 Billion dollars to South Korea’s economy.

BTS got Grammy nominations because of Dynamite. The group always has dreamt of the Grammys, but it often seemed far-fetched. They were nominated alongside Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga. However, Dynamite has any more successes apart from the ones mentioned here.

Dynamite performances in the West as well as in Asia

BTS performed Dynamite as the Jimmy Fallon show on Roller Skates and the video brought in millions of views and streams. BTS also performed Dynamite at an Airport in James Corden Show. The song was also performed at MTV unplugged alongside many other songs. Dynamite was performed at America’s Got Talent, Billboard Music Awards 2020, MTV VMAs 2020, AMAS 2020, Good Morning America, iHeart Radio, NBC Today Show, and Grammy Awards.

BillBoard Music Awards 2020

BTS performing Dynamite at Billboard Music Awards 2020

BTS also performed dynamite at many Asian music awards such as Mnet MAMA 2020, MMA awards, KBS World TV, SBS 2020. The K-pop group has also performed Dynamite in their own concerts such as “Map of the Soul: ONE” and Bighit’s New Year Celebration.

Though various Dynamite performances exist, it does not make it monotonous. Each of the performances is different from one another, unique in its own way. The choreography changes from performance to performance, so does the outfit and some basic elements, making it unique each time.

Different versions of Dynamite Music Video

Dynamite has one Official Version followed by a B-side Version, a Choreography Version. After a few months, BTS came up with seven vertical videos of “Sing with Me- Dynamite” of seven members of the BTS, namely RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. There is also a “Sing with Me- Dynamite,” which includes all the members, and it is the common version with all the members in it. Bighit also released a Sing with Me version with the entire Bighit family singing Dynamite, such as groups such as TXT, Nuest, G-friend, and more. There is also a 70s MV Version The song remains the same in all these versions.

Weverse and Cokodive selling Vinyls and Cassettes

Dynamite being a Retro-inspired track, is available in Vinyl Records and Cassettes.

There are different versions of the songs such as Dynamite Instrumental, Dynamite Acoustic Remix, Dynamite EDM remix, Dynamite Tropical Remix, Dynamite Poolside Remix, Dynamite Slow Jam Remix, Dynamite Midnight Remix, Dynamite Retro Remix, Dynamite Bedroom Remix, and Dynamite Holiday Version. Each of the versions is different from the main song and is worth listening to. No matter what mood you are in, you can listen to Dynamite by choosing the appropriate version for your mood.

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Current Projects of BTS

After releasing Dynamite, BTS came up with their album BE with “Life Goes On” as the main title track; it has its own versions. Dynamite is the last track of the album. BTS has performed various online concerts such as BANG BANG Con and Map of the Soul: ONE in 2020. In 2021, Bts has come up with BANG BANG Con’21. This time the concert is available for free, and it will be streaming on Bangtan TV, the official youtube channel of BTS. The date of the concern is April 17, 2021. BANG BANG con will start from 3 pm (KST), and 3 different concerts are streaming one after the other.

We can hope for more records to be broken by Dynamite even after 7 months since the release, making it one of the largest videos in history to have won so many achievements being an Asian act.

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