BTS Members Are Taking Over Instagram: Everything To Know

BTS members on instagram

BTS members are currently on a roll as they are basking over their newly opened Instagram accounts. The septet shook the entire fandom with surprise when they unfolded this news on 6th December 2021. From then, the five-time Billboard Top Social Artist award winners have been extremely active on social media and are giving fans too much content. However, while talking about BTS, no amount of content is too much as throughout these eight years, the boys have provided us with many insights. This news came after BIGHIT MUSIC announced their extended period of rest post their PTD Stage and Jingle Ball 2021 tour in the States.

The boys make sure that wherever they go, achievements will follow them. That’s why this came as no surprise when they were the first group to achieve the 10 million likes feat on Instagram. And if you think this is it, then you are certainly wrong as this number just kept rising.

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BTS Members Are Taking Over Instagram

The current situation establishes the fact that BTS and breaking records are synonymous with one another. Instagram is also not an exception. Here’s how BTS members are taking over Instagram.

RM Is Enjoying His Namjooning

Kim Namjoon, or BTS’s RM, is known for his love for nature and art. Whenever he gets free time, he would visit art museums, gardens and even go looking out for crabs. RM’s Instagram profile currently has 12 posts with 20.8 million followers. The Bangtan leader recently went to Texas to visit the works of Donald Judd and Hyong – Keun at the Chinati foundation. It is no secret that RM has an astounding knowledge and interest in art. He was seen sharing his viewpoints about it and even posted a picture captioning as Light And Space.

BTS members on instagram
Namjoon’s Post On Instagram


Is Jin The Next Hitman Bang On Instagram?

Well, it seems like Jin’s profile apart from him consists of photographs of food. Nothing crosses the eye of ARMY, especially if it is about boys. The fandom has found resemblances between Jin’s Instagram account and Hitman Bang’s Twitter account, which is related to food. Well, we all know about Jin’s love for cooking, and it seems he is doing that a lot these days.

Jin's Instagram Post
Jin’s Post On Instagram


Suga On A Hiatus From Instagram?

Fans are really curious as to what Yoongi or BTS’s Suga is up to. Three days after opening his account finally, we are blessed with a new picture of him. However, the location is still a question. Recently Suga shared that how he finds Instagram a bit difficult to handle, to which one of the members had a quick solution. V told Suga to take help from YouTube tutorials. Suga’s account currently has three posts with 20.6 million followers. Apart from Instagram, he featured in Juice WRLD’s posthumously released album “Fighting Demons” track Girl Of My Dreams,” which got released on 10th December 2021.

BTS members on instagram
Suga’s Post On Instagram


J-Hope Is Everyone’s Hope

One of the most active members on Instagram, J-Hope makes sure that we never miss him. “Hope” is the word you can see at every corner in J-Hope’s profile. Furthermore, fashion is one word that is always associated with him. Bangtan’s sunshine is having a gala time, and ARMYs are more than elated that the boys are getting to enjoy as they are always on the run. After Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin, J-Hope and V were the ones to return back to Korea.

J-Hope's Instagram Post
J-Hope’s Post On Instagram


Jimin Is Taking His Vacation Seriously

Jimin seems to be the only one who has taken the vacation seriously. Though he is active on Weverse, however, for now, his Instagram profile has only two pictures. His followers count currently stands at 21.8 million. For future content, we may get dance performances, or an Instagram live may await us. On the other hand, Jimin is receiving lots of celebrity followers as he becomes the world’s most mentioned person on the platform. Sounds Like Park Jimin.

Jimin Instagram Post
Jimin’s Post On Instagram


V Is Enjoying In Hawaii

Just like the other members, V is also spending time in his style. Recently, he posted that he was on an adventure, however where he was, nobody knew. Kim Taehyung himself clarified the doubts when he posted a thank you message for Hawaiian ARMY’s on Weverse for being considerate and letting him enjoy his time. Apart from this, it seems a big surprise is on its way. V posted himself singing a song he might have sang himself on his Instagram story. Are we going to get a new song? Well, it seems like it, as Taehyung himself gave a hint about it. Currently, his profile has nine posts with 23.7 million followers.

BTS members on instagram
V’s Post On Instagram


Someone Save Jungkook From Boredom

We know how inseparable the BTS members are, and they literally can’t live without each other for too long. Recently the golden maknae shared his Instagram story where he said that he’s extremely bored as upon reaching Korea, the arrived members had to go for a mandatory ten-day quarantine period.

BTS members on instagram
Jungkook’s Post On Instagram

A few hours ago, Jungkook posted a picture with V and ARMY’s Taekook hearts just can’t keep calm. Furthermore, we know how much BTS loves their pets, and so Bam also has made his entry in Jungkook’s Instagram story, and it’s as adorable as it can get.


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