BTS and Coldplay’s Chris Martin To Appear on Youtube’s ‘Released’

Bts and Chris Martin youtube Released
BTS to appear on Youtube's Released with Chris Martin

BTS and Coldplay’s Chris Martin are coming together to appear on Youtube’s Released. The South Korean pop stars will sit down with Coldplay’s frontman for a special interview. And fans around the world are super excited for the collaboration to happen. Earlier, reports claimed that Coldplay and BTS would work together for a song. Furthermore, now the two music phenomena will enlighten the world and fans with their knowledge in music. BTS has officially announced the news, and the group is also planning a pre-premiere party only for the army. So, when are the Chris Martin and BTS Youtube Released episode releasing? And what all can you look forward to?

BTS will discuss their #PermissionToDAnce Challenge on Youtube shorts, music, and more. Furthermore, fans are expecting to get to know more about Coldplay and BTS Collab. Both BTS and Coldplay have been linked together for over a month now because of their possible collab. In addition to this, many incidents indicate that BTS and Coldplay collab is definitely possible.

Bts and Chris Martin youtube Released
BTS doing the #PermissionToDance Challenge on Youtube

The upcoming special episode of Youtube Released is undoubtedly going to be a blockbuster. Now that BTS has invited the fans by themselves, ARMY will soon start a countdown to watch the episode. So, when is it coming?

BTS and Chris Martin to Chat on Youtube Released Special Episode- When Is It Releasing?

BTS and Chris Martin from Coldplay will sit down to discuss music during a special episode of Youtube’s music series Released. The episode will release on September 9, 2021, at 11:45 pm ET, and it will directly make its way to the premiere of “BTS ‘Permission to Dance’ MV (Shorts Challenge ver.).”  Moreover, on September 10, Coldplay’s Chris Martin will join the septet to have a conversation on what inspired the Kpop stars to introduce the BTS #PermissionToDance Challenge on Youtube shots. The group of talented artists will also discuss more regarding general topics to entertain their audience.

The BTS Army will be a part of the interview too. It is revealed that some fans who participated in the #PermissionToDance Challenge will be featured in the episode. BTS Army from India, Russia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the U.S, and many other regions took the challenge.

BTS members have previously talked about creating the challenge for Army, and they also insisted the fans take part in it. BTS’s eldest and vocalist, Jin, told Buzzfeed that it would be amazing to see the fans give their own touch to the song. However, Jin likes the most is watching fans having fun while listening to BTS songs.

Permission To Dance is the latest track by BTS where the members sing, dance, and encourage people to live happily. Through their Youtube shorts challenge, they ask fans to include the ‘International signs’  which represents ‘Joy,’ ‘Peace,’ and ‘Dance.’ The song’s choreography touched fans emotionally as it incorporated ‘sign languages.’

BTS’s dance machine and rapper, J-hope, previously said that incorporating ‘International signs’ in the video helped them deliver their message to music to people they might not have reached before.

BTS and Coldplay Collab – Is It Possible?

For a month or so, the BTS Army are suspecting the collab. Things are still not confirmed. But, all signs from the bands give positive vibes to the possible collab. Earlier, BTS covered Coldplay hit song ‘Fix You’ while performing on MTV Unplugged. Both BTS and Coldplay fans were amazed by the performance, and after Chris Martin’s trip to Seoul, things became more suspicious. You should know that Coldplay does not frequently allow other artists to cover their songs, which made fans suspicious.

Bts and Chris Martin youtube Released
BTS performing Coldplay’s Fix you (cr: MTV)

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Fans suspect that the two will release the song ‘My Universe’ as a part of their partnering. However, nothing is confirmed as of now. The lyrics of My Universe were earlier illegally dropped, but nothing from the boy groups is confirmed yet. We have to wait before the official statement comes in. Also, look forward to hearing more about the BTS and Coldplay collaboration during the Youtube Released episode.

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