Bring It! Season 6: Release Date, Cast, And More

Bring It! is a reality television format dance series that began airing on 5th March 2014. The series airs on Lifetime. Second to Fifth Season of the series made it on Lifetime in 2015, 2016 to 2018. March 2, 2018, was when Season 5 of the series aired for us.

Bring It! is basically centered in Jackson, Mississippi and it features the feisty Coach Dianna, also known as Miss D Williams. Dianna is seen with her Dollhouse Factory which contains Miss D’s dancing Dolls. These Dolls are children between the ages of 10-17 who have won more than 100 trophies!

Many teams participate in the show with bizarre titles such as Divas of Olive Branch, The Prancing Tigerettes, etc.

Bring It! Season 6

Bring It! Season 6: Key Details

Season 5 of the show Bring It! aired its finale episode on September 6th, 2018. It was aired on Thursday nights from August 16th to September 6th. Season 6 of the series isn’t renewed as of now. Since Season 5th of Bring It! just finished airing, we will have to wait for an official announcement for Season 6.

Reports suggest that Season 6 of Bring It! might make it to our screens in 2019 in case it’s renewed of course.

Bring It! Season 6: Cast

The main cast of Bring It! will be back. They include Dianna Williams, Camryn Harris, Makalah Whitenson, Daija, Ken’Janae, Crystianna Summers, Kayla Jones, Sunjai Williams, Faith Thigpen, Dalisha Holmes, Tina Jones, Mimi Harris, Selena Johnson, etc. will all break a leg!

Bring It! Season 6: Episodes and Release Date

Season 5 of Bring It! airs on for 44 minutes on Lifetime. Season 5 had the Lowest number of episodes, only 13. Seasons’ 3 and 4 had 25 and 26 episodes to air. Looks like Season 6 of Bring It! will either maintain the number of going lower than 13. Whatever happens, we’ll update the page accordingly.

Season 6 hasn’t been renewed as of now. No information was given by the Network or any of the cast members. If renewal is to happen, we still won’t be seeing the show for a year. Let’s hope Miss D continues to lead her way to Season 6 too.

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