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Brigette Lundy Paine Relationship: What We Know About it

Brigette Lundy Paine has gotten pretty popular among the social media platforms after they stepped into their career of acting in the entertainment industry. They have started their major role as Casey Gardner on Atypical, a Netflix series. On the other hand, we have seen them enact the character of Billie Logan in Bill and Ted Face the Music. The actress had graduated from New York University in 2015. Brigette was born on the 10th of August 1994, thus making them either 27 years in age.

Their parents, that is, Laura Lundy as well as Robert Paine, both are in the field of entertainment themselves and happen to be actors as well as directors themselves. Both of them used to perform in the Bay Area and now have started with a successful business all about acting as well as producing. They own the company called Blue Panther Productions along with their other business venture in the form of the production company Virago.

They also have a younger brother named Benjamin Lundy Paine about whom, not much is known in the media. But we are quite aware of the fact that Benjamin is autistic. When Brigette was just 2 years of age, their parents moved to Alameda in California. Here, they graduated from Encinal High School in 2012. They used to be a cheerleader at this place.

Brigette Lundy Paine Relationship

Brigette Lundy Paine in Atypical

Their Personal Details

Later, Brigette went on to complete their degree from the New York University in 2015. It was on the 8th of November 2019 that Brigette announced to the world that they are non-binary. Hereby, they decided to go by the pronouns they and them. Also, we have seen Brigette being a part of a variety of activist movements. They have been a fellow participant in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Brigette started their major career in August of 2020, where they have been briefly described for the part of Casey Gardner on the Netflix show Atypical. They have also founded the vocal band called Subtle Pride. Lundy also happens to be an art publication in the Waif Magazine. Brigette started their career in the industry when they were just five years in age.

Well, with immense popularity, there also comes the curiosity of all the fans regarding the personal lives of the actors. As of right now, it is the same case with Brigette Lundy Paine, and everyone is trying to get to know about their personal lives. Thus, if you are someone with the same intentions, then this is the right place to come at. Here we have wrapped up all the details about Brigette Lundy Paine being in a relationship.

Brigette Lundy Paine Relationship

Well, Brigette actually happens to be bisexual or non-binary gender. While being in one of the interviews, Brigette has revealed that they do not want to be confined by any labels. They have no problem in playing the parts as a male as well as a female. Although, there happens to be a brief history about Brigette before she came out, being in a heterosexual relationship. They were linked to partner Joshua Hoover and even got engaged. This news was revealed to all the fans through a tweet that was posted by Joshua. He also is an actor by profession.

Although, this relationship did not last, and the two had to break off their engagement vows. After this, the news of Brigette being queer came out on social media, and we all understood why the two had to split apart. If you have watched Atypical on Netflix, it is literally the portrayal of Brigette’s life on screen. In the show, Casey is a sporty, athletic girl who studies at a normal school. Later in the scenes, she is shifted to a rich school because of a scholarship and becomes friends with Izzie.

Although, at that time, Casey is in a relationship with Evan. But the two fall out soon when Casey discovers that she has stronger feelings for Izzie than she could ever have for Evan. Just like Brigette, even Casey has a younger brother who is autistic and needs most of the attention from her parents. This was one of the reasons why Casey felt so left out her entire childhood because everything was always about Sam.

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