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Bridezillas Cast Members: Where Are They Now?

Bridezillas: Where are they now?
Bridezillas: Where are they now?

Bridezillas: Where are they now? The long-running reality show that WE tv plays since 2004 showcasing the most difficult engaged women and their bridal whims. And their schedules. It’s cringe, sometimes humorous, and oftentimes portrays the vague, nihilistic, and ill-tempered manners of women. Each episode shows two brides and their grooms. They tell us how they met. After that, the bride tells us all about her dream wedding. We see her interacting with her family, caterers, organizers, and wedding planners. Here’s the catch. The bride usually goes off the reservation in her manners, hence the term bridezilla.

Today in Otakukart, we’re covering where are some of these brides nowadays. Since the show began in 2004, there are many bridezillas. And there are surely many bridezilla stories. How many of them ended happily ever after? And how many of them ended in an entirely different manner? That’s what we’re here to find out. Some of them are divorced, others live a happy life, and others just live a quiet life under the radar and off the grid. Now jump with us as we take you through the broad strokes of this post about this topic.

Bridezillas: Where are they now?

Bridezillas: Where are they now?

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Bridezillas: Where are they now?

It’s sad to say that most of these women end up getting divorced. Writing this post for you guys was difficult because there isn’t much information about these girls. But what we could scoop up were horror stories from the grooms in some shady forums. One man shared his experience after marrying a bridezilla. His first wife was one of these women. They had a big wedding. Which, as it turns out. That was all she wanted. She didn’t want the marriage. After two years, the woman divorced him.

Every time a couple takes marriage —a sacred institution and sacrament, the basis of society— lightly, nasty things are bound to happen. When we see couples taking time, fighting bitterly over centerpiece colors, cake flavors, mantle tonalities, playlist tunes, and the likes. Just to throw away their commitment and relationship to the dumpster and become just another divorce statistic, it shows how bitter and resentful and devoid of values reality television and society became.

The Case of Danni Starr

Danni Starr married her husband Marlon in Bridezilla ten years ago —2011. You may recognize Danni Starr today for her work on Washington DC’s Radio One’s “The Fam in The Morning” at WKYS 93.5 FM. Back then, she was an outlandish woman with unbelievable requests —quite appropriate for the show Bridezilla— but she changed as we all do. Ten years after, she has two children, she divorced her husband, lost her job, and wrote a book to share her story.

After her marriage and televised wedding at Bridezilla, Danni and Marlon took things one step further. They enlisted in yet another reality gig called Marriage Boot Camp, which revealed that they had been going through struggles in their marriage. Evidently, that kind of exposure wasn’t good for the couple. The strains went on and on. And despite the counseling, the two couldn’t reconcile their differences and had to end their marriage.

Bridezillas: Where are they now?

Bridezillas: Where are they now?

Bridezillas open up about what they could have done differently.

Stacy Gray married her husband Russell in season 13 in Houston, Texas. She works as a nurse. Their wedding theme was a “masterpiece” and their wedding cost nearly $100.000. Looking back at things, Stacy considers that whether you spend ten dollars, one hundred thousand, or ten million, you should have fun. Because it’s your wedding and it’s your day. She regrets not doing a better job picking her caterer and wishes her food was better. And she still lives with her husband.

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Jessica Ward married her hubby Sean at age 32 in New Jersey. She works as an event planner. And their wedding was telecast in season 13. One of her biggest regrets was not sticking to the guest count. She planned for a wedding for 100 people and ended up with nearly 150 people at her reception and had to pay for every guest. Something that drained her and her husband financially. Still, she has no regrets about marrying. With that, we wrap up our coverage of this topic here at Otakukart, thank you for reading this article.

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